My name's Jonathan Woodward. I go by "Jonathan", "Jon", "JW", or "Woody". Your choice. I was born in Massachusetts, USA, and I've lived in New England all my life. I got my degree in Computer Science from Wesleyan University in 1993. I've been a freelance writer, mostly working for Steve Jackson Games and White Wolf Publishing. My day job is web design and engineering.


  • Portions of Trinity from White Wolf, particularly in the Technology and History chapters.
    ISBN 1-56504-757-5, White Wolf Stock # WW9000 / 1-56504-750-8, WW9100 / 1-56504-622-6, WW9099
  • The pirates and much of the planetary orbits sections of Hidden Agendas from White Wolf.
    ISBN 1-56504-758-3, White Wolf Stock # WW9001
  • The Skeletal Legion and the Notional Legions in Book of Legions from White Wolf.
    ISBN 1-56504-652-8, White Wolf Stock # WW6063
  • Portions of the Near Space, Technology, and Life in Space sections of Luna Rising from White Wolf.
    ISBN 1-56504-760-5, White Wolf Stock # WW9002
  • The adventure "Colors of Sacrifice" in Alien Encounter: Invasion from White Wolf.
    ISBN 1-56504-620-X, White Wolf Stock # WW9104
  • The adventure "Symbiosis" in Alien Encounter: Deception from White Wolf.
    ISBN 1-56504-621-8, White Wolf Stock # WW9105
  • GURPS Ogre from Steve Jackson Games. My first solo gig, and my first cover credit.
    ISBN 1-55634-417-1, Steve Jackson Games Stock # SJG6097
  • The Hellboy Roleplaying Game and Sourcebook, with Phil Masters, from Steve Jackson Games.
    ISBN 1-55634-654-9, Steve Jackson Games Stock # SJG8111
  • Transhuman Space: In The Well from Steve Jackson Games.
    ISBN 1-55634-482-1, Steve Jackson Games Stock # SJG6702
  • GURPS Magic Items 3 from Steve Jackson Games.
    ISBN 1-55634-418-X, Steve Jackson Games Stock # SJG6531
  • GURPS Banestorm, with William Stoddard, from Steve Jackson Games.
    ISBN 1-55634-744-8, Steve Jackson Games Stock # 01-2002

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I'm an ex-Army Reservist; my MOS was 88-Victor (Railroad Brakeman). I've worked for several software and hardware companies. I've also done some work in graphic design, and I once managed a retail games store called Games & Stuff. My hobbies run the gamut of the geekly arts: reading, cartoons, science-fiction, comics, surfing the net, RPGs, Star Trek, computer games, et cetera, ad nauseam

In case you're the sort who wants more than dry statistics in a webpage, my role-models (and what of them I admire) are:


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