Lego TIE Interceptor

This is a model of the Star Wars TIE Interceptor, based heavily on the "official" Lego TIE Fighter included in set 7150 (which is actually Darth Vader's TIE Fighter, and not a generic TIE Fighter). Specifically, this is the 10-gun variant used in the battle of Endor. The only real difference between this Interceptor model and other, similar ones you might find on the web is that I designed this one to look as much as possible like the official Lego TIE Fighter, down to the odd blue detailing on the wings. They look like they came from the same design process. For lots of detail on the variant TIEs, visit the Technical Commentaries of

Here are a couple of establishing shots.

Start with the standard Lego TIE Fighter. Remove the wings and disassemble them; we'll be building new ones. Remove the rear deck and discard it. The cockpit and wing struts remain unchanged.

To build the new wings, you'll need a bunch of the black skinny 4x8 wings; two pairs. You'll also need two 1x1 gray cylinders, two 1x1 gray bricks with dots on the side, a 2x2 reverse-slope brick, some of the bits from the original wings, and some random other plates, none of which are unusual. (The quantities here and in the picture are per wing, so double them for a complete ship.)

Of the parts pictured, one of the 2x3 blue plates, and the 1x2 blue plate, can be replaced by a 2x4 blue plate. I didn't have my full collection at hand when I built this.

The wings are built up in several layers. Here's the black layer.

The black layer is held together by the inside gray layer, including the detent hinges.

More of the gray layer.

On the outside is a layer of blue trim, and the printed 2x2 round tile:

Now add the 1x1 gray "dot on the side" bricks, and a plate to hold them on.

Add the weird trapezoidal hub brick, and a few dual inverse-slope bricks to hold the detent hinges on.

Stick on the guns; two 1x1 cylinder bricks, and the distinctive Star Wars cannons. Then, fold the wings in.

Those notches in the top and bottom are not present on a "real" TIE Interceptor, but I happen to like the way they look. They're easy enough to remove if you don't care for them. Use a 1x3 black plate in the notch and a 2x2 or 2x3 gray plate on the inside.

Make another wing for the other side, and you're done.

This model won't quite balance on its wings, so I built a stand for mine. The extra 2x2 plate at the bottom is there so I know where to attach the stand.

That's that. Enjoy.

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