The Annotated Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Issue #11, February '86: "Aftershock"

Wolfman, Pérez, Ordway

Plot Summary: It's the next morning. Everyone wakes up... and everything has changed. Superman I can't find his workplace, the Daily Star, and when he, S2, F1, and Kid Flash try the cosmic treadmill, they can't find Earth-2. No one remembers the merging of Earths and times. Huntress II can't find her parents' graves, her apartment, or any proof of her life. No one on Paradise Island recognizes Wonder Woman I. The heroes gather at Titans' Tower, and Harbinger explains that the worlds have been merged, and that not everything was saved. Then, the skies turn black, and the sole surviving Earth is drawn into the anti-matter universe, where the Anti-Monitor still lives... and he's angry....


11.Cover: Top box, Kid Flash, Flash I, Superman II, Superman I.
Left box, Wonder Woman I, Fury, Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman II, and assorted Amazons.
Middle box, Harbinger, Brainiac's skull-ship, and Rip Hunter's time sphere.
Right box, Doctor Occult, Doctor Fate, the Demon, and Amethyst.
Bottom box, Zatara, Batman II, Peacemaker, Pariah, Lady Quark, Robin I, Huntress II, Captain Marvel, Robin III, Green Lantern I, Jade, Power Girl, Uncle Sam, Luthor IV. (In the collection, we see that Zatanna and Changeling are between Zatara and Batman II.)

11.1: The Big Bang. (See 1.1.) The multiverse is dead, and one Earth spins alone. This is the first appearance of the post-Crisis, pre-Zero Hour Earth, "Earth-Sigma".

11.2: Clark Kent, Superman I, wakes in his apartment - sort of. His inability to remember the events of the day before are obviously befuddling him, as he not only misses the fact that he walks into Perry White's office - in a building with a planet on top and a big "G" on the side - but he doesn't even notice what newspaper he's reading.

11.3.7: "Nice to know there are some consistent things in this universe, eh, Lois?"

11.4.1: S2 hadn't settled down with Lois both because of concern for her safety, and also to avoid hurting Lana. There was no Lana in S1's life.

11.4.2: The reference to Kara is part of "Crisis inertia". Not all the changes brought about by the Crisis happened at once, and memories were adjusting for years to come.

11.4.4: S2 misquotes Lewis Carroll, and it looks like there's a typo in there, too. "'Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice..." is the quote, from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, chapter 2.

11.5.4: Keystone City was home to Flash I, Central City, to Flash II. We've known ever since Flash #123 that the two cities were in roughly the same place on the two Earths.

11.5.10: We begin to learn who remembers and who doesn't. These three were at the dawn of time, Joan wasn't.

11.6.1: Given how F1 has been written the past few years, it seems very odd for him to have a lab. 'Course, back then, all superheroes had labs.

11.7.6: ...And where a companion world should be, there's nothing but black.

11.8.5: S1 begins to lose it.

11.9.6: Rip Hunter and the Forgotten Heroes begin their own investigation.

11.9.7: Animal Man, Rip Hunter, Dolphin, Atomic Knight, Adam Strange, Captain Comet.

11.11.2-4: Changeling, Cyborg, Harlequin, Obsidian, GL1, Phantom Lady, Peacemaker.

11.11.5: Elongated Man in the air, Obsidian, Geo-Force, Captain Marvel, Peacemaker, Phantom Lady, Uncle Sam, Power Girl, Superman I, Flash I, Superman II, Wildcat II, Star-Spangled Kid, Aquaman, Zatara, Zatanna, Blue Beetle, Wonder Girl, Superboy Prime, Kid Flash, Kole, Lady Quark, Huntress II, Pariah.

11.11.7: That's Robin I comforting Huntress II.

11.12-13: Robin and Huntress spill Batman's secret ID to the entire crowd, here.

11.14.5: Anthro at the dawn of humanity.

11.14.6: The Viking Prince, circa AD 1000, one of DC's historical characters.

11.14.8: Tomahawk, the time of the American Revolution. The revelation here about Earth-X doesn't match earlier comics. It's probable Earth-3 was meant.

11.14.9: Bat Lash, the American Old West, circa 1870.

11.14.10-11: Enemy Ace, WWI.

11.15.1: Sgt. Rock and Easy Company and, probably, the Losers. WWII.

11.15.2: The Blackhawks.

11.15.3: Firebrand II, Plastic Man, Green Lantern I, Hawkman I, the Ray across the top, Judomaster, Liberty Belle, Tarantula, Robotman I, Atom I, Phantom Lady, Uncle Sam, Doll Man, Commander Steel, and the Guardian on the ground.

11.16.4-5: Superman I is pushed to the edge.

11.17.1-5: The mystical characters begin to gather, sensing that it isn't over yet.

11.17.6: This is a largely unexplained subplot. Angle Man's death is never explained, though it's possible he was trying to travel cross-dimension using his Apokoliptan "Angler", and had it backfire in the wake of the merging of Earths.

11.17.9: Angle Man dies.

11.17.10: Johnny Double and Jonni Thunder.

11.18.2: Detective Bullock, one of Batman's supporting characters.

11.18.3: Angel O'Day, of Angel and the Ape, and Christopher Chance, the Human Target.

11.18.4: Another subplot, this one moderately connected to the main plot.

11.18.6: Etrigan the Demon and Doctor Fate.

11.19.2: The good Doctor Occult. Prior to the Crisis, Doc had made exactly one appearance (in All-Star Squadron #49) since 1938. Remarkably, he plays a significant role in Crisis #12.

11.19.6: The Shadow Demons return - can the Anti-Monitor be far behind?

11.20.10: The caption directs the reader to Amethyst #13.

11.21.5: We learn here that Wonder Woman I, along with Superman I and Batman I, has been excised from the new universe.

11.22.2: Excellent question, Power Girl. We learn some months later, in Secret Origins #11, that PG is actually an Atlantean, with implanted memories of being Kryptonian.

11.22.7: When we last saw Luthor II, he was leading the villains against Krona. This is nearly the last glimpse of the pre-Crisis Luthor II.

11.23.3: Detective Chimp, San Simeon of Angel and the Ape, and in panel 4, Solovar (misspelled again).

11.23.7: Prof and the Challengers of the Unknown.

11.23.8: Cave Carson and his teammates.

11.25: The Earth is drawn into the anti-matter universe to face the final wrath of the Anti-Monitor.

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