The Annotated Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Issue #10, January '86: "Death At The Dawn Of Time!"

Wolfman, Pérez, Ordway

Plot Summary: The Spectre forces an end to the Villain War by announcing that the Anti-Monitor has made it to the dawn of time, and must be stopped before he changes all existence. The villains are dispatched to Oa, 10 billion years ago, to stop Krona from looking into his viewscreen, while the heroes travel to the dawn of time. The villains fail, and the heroes are nearly beaten by the Anti-Monitor, when the Spectre, backed by the might of the Earth's sorcerers, manages to force the Anti-Monitor to a draw. More and more power is poured into the battle, and everything turns white...


10.Cover: Starro, Space Ranger, IBAC, Element Lad, Vixen, Eclipso, Wonder Woman II, Blue Devil, Vibe, Red Star, Batman II, Brainiac 5, Black Adam, Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt, Anti-Monitor, Plastique, S1, Uncle Sam, Captain Marvel, Celsius, Spectre, Mirror Master, Computo, Power Girl, Tin, Halo, Lord of Time, Captain Comet, Ultra Boy, Hawkman II, Pariah, Black Manta, Starman I, Doctor Fate, Kanjar Ro?, Cyborg, Gypsy, GL1, F1, Superboy Prime, Human Bomb, Adam Strange, Aquaman, L4, Robin I, Silver Scarab, Robotman II, Blue Beetle, Dolphin, S2, Obsidian, Wonder Woman I, Doctor Light II, Jemm, Captain Atom, Kole, Saturn Girl, Wonder Girl, Black Lightning, Phantom Lady, Lady Quark, L2. Plot-wise, the villains shouldn't be there. (In the collection, the characters behind the banner are revealed: Shrinking violet, Kid Flash, Wildfire, and Tellus. Also, IBAC is recolored as Clayface II.)

10.1: "The Monitor Tapes" runs along the bottom of every page but the last in this issue, and consists of subplots that didn't make it into the series, or notes on what is going on elsewhere in other DC comics during the Crisis.

10.2.1: Psimon appears to die here, but he returned post-Crisis. (Pérez comments that he killed him for being "too powerful [and] silly-looking".) Note that Brainiac's comment, if taken literally, means he doesn't expect L2 to survive, either.

10.3.2: The Anti-Monitor is now passing backward through approx. 150,000 BC.

10.3.5: The "red sky" here is not the same effect as seen in 10.3.2, but rather plain old fire, as New York burns.

10.4.3: Chemo is destroyed here, but he recovers some time later.

10.4.4: Aqualad and Aquagirl.

10.4.6: Kole, Dove, Black Adam, Robotman II.

10.4.9-12: Pariah is the last survivor of Earth-Omega, L4 of E3, Lady Quark of E6, and Superboy Prime of Earth-Prime. The later character will show up later this issue.

10.5.3: Unknown (Doctor Phosphorus?), Celsius, Cyborg, Quakemaster. Celsius doesn't usually have that much of a sense of humor.

10.5.6: The figures behind the ice are probably Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel, Tawky Tawny, Uncle Marvel, Fat Marvel, Tall Marvel, and Hill Billy Marvel. The villains are T. O. Morrow, Hector Hammond, Houngan, Deathbolt, Sivana, Doctor Cyber, and, on the ledge, Per Degaton, Phobia, Despero, and Doctor Destiny.

10.6.11: Thanagar is the homeworld of Hawkman II and Hawkwoman.

10.7.8: Esper Lass, Validus, Sun Emperor, Lightning Lord, Persuader, Titania, Doctor Regulus.

10.8.1: Earth-X, Atom I, Multiplex, Jade, Batman II, Bolt, Calendar Man.

10.8.2: Silver Ghost, Emerald Empress, Fury, Dummy, Halo, Robin III.

10.8.3: Earth-S, "Molder", Hawkwoman, Tin. The Molder was a one-shot villain from a mid-70s Flash story. Pérez hadn't actually read the story, and didn't know the Molder was actually the Elongated Man in disguise.

10.8.4: Captain Cold, Firestorm, Typhoon, Vixen, Icicle.

10.8.5: Earth-4, Mento, Changeling, Shaggy Man, and Speedy II (Speedy was miscolored as Green Arrow I in the original, corrected in the collection.)

10.8.8: Harbinger's commentary is apparently written during the Death Valley gathering later in this issue. Doctor Regulus, Silver Slasher, Mano, Cosmic King, Tyr, Validus, Tharok, Radiation Roy, Chameleon Chief, Emerald Empress.

10.9.2: Shiera Hall?, Dale Gunn, L4, Doctor Magnus.

10.9.4: Cyborg, Captain Atom, Tempest, Doctor Spectro, Tokamak?

10.9.5: Lord Satanis, Creeper, Deadshot, Lady Quark, Firestorm, Insect Queen I, Lead.

10.9.6: S1, Northwind, Hawkman I, Wonder Woman I, Huntress I, Metamorpho.

10.9.7: Starman II dies.

10.10.2-3: We see the sky-fire effect passing through the age of the dinosaurs, and the time of the molten Earth.

10.10.4: Phantom Girl, Star Boy, Mon-El, Brainiac 5, Blok, Element Lad. The Legion of Super-Heroes.

10.10.5: Space Ranger and Cryll.

10.10.6: Chris KL-99, Halk, and Jero.

10.10.8: The Lord of Time.

10.10.9: The Time Trapper.

10.10.10: Rip Hunter, Jeff Smith, and Bonnie Baxter of the Time Masters. Note that most of the people on this page are capable of time travel.

10.11.5: S1 and Lois Lane-Kent, his wife. Note L4 spying on them. He suspects that this journey will cause S1's history to vanish, so he decides here to save Lois.

10.12.5: Phantom Stranger, Spectre, Uncle Sam, S2, Wonder Woman I, miscolored L2?, S1, Blue Beetle, Ultra-Humanite, F1, Batman II, Robin I.

10.12.6: Mammoth, Shimmer, Doctor Light II, Human Bomb, Atomic Knight. Doctor Light I was in the Fearsome Five.

10.12.7: Firestorm, Rip Hunter, Cryll, Space Ranger, Silver Scarab, Fury.

10.12.8: Saturn Girl, Colossal Boy, Ultra Boy, Phantom Girl, Element Lad, Blok.

10.12.9: Validus, Kanjar Ro, Black Adam, Maaldor, Lord of Time.

10.12.10: Phantom Stranger, L4, Spectre.

10.12.11: This panel is printed incorrectly in the first release of the collection; here is a scan of the correct panel. Sorry for the lousy quality, but that's the way it really looks.

Crisis 10.12.Monitor Tapes

10.13.3: Many unknowns, but notable figures include F1, Katana, Green Arrow I, Doctor Fate, Human Bomb, Ray, Hawkman II, Robotman II, Kid Flash, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Girl, Halo, Nuklon, Doctor Mid-Nite.

10.13.4: At the time, Kid Flash's powers were killing him.

10.13.5: Peacemaker, Changeling, Captain Marvel Jr., Elongated Man, Blue Devil.

10.13.6: For simplicity, I'll call this character Superboy Prime. This is not the same character as the Superboy who had been a DC mainstay for decades, but is intended to "represent" him.

10.13.7: Sensor Girl, Chameleon Boy, Brainiac 5.

10.13.8: L4, Superboy Prime, Captain Marvel, Lady Quark, Wonder Woman I, S2, Uncle Sam, S1. The caption directs one to DC Comics Presents #87.

10.14.2: Wonder Woman I, S1, S2, Superboy Prime, Spectre, Captain Comet, Blue Beetle.

10.14.3: Black Lightning, Star-Spangled Kid, Spectre.

10.14.4: I'm not going to identify head-tops, thankyouverymuch.

10.14.6: Aquaman, Huntress II, Judomaster.

10.14.8: Phantom Lady, Sargon the Sorcerer, Jemm.

10.14.10: If there's one thing villains believe in, it's personal freedom. Only for themselves, usually, but still...

10.14.11: It is not specified which gods die, nor is it relevant - Pérez reboots the Greek Gods at the same time as Wonder Woman.

10.15.1: Doctor Polaris in the foreground.

10.15.3: Brainiac 5, the logical person to coordinate temporal logistics this complicated.

10.15.4: Foreground, Lightning Lad, Lightning Lass, Electrocutioner, Bolt, Lightning Lord, Lightning (of Thunder and Lightning), Black Lightning. Background, Gold, Lead, Iron of the Metal Men.

10.15.5: White Witch, Brainiac 5, Element Lad.

10.15.6-9: Cosmic Boy, Doctor Polaris, Magnetic Kid, Magno Lad.

10.16.3: The Time Masters (wearing what appear to be 3D goggles...).

10.16.11-15: The Immortal Man was not in fact wiped out, appropriately enough.

10.17.4: Aquagirl dies.

10.18.1: Actually, Superman II has indeed been to the Dawn of Time before.

10.18.6: Batman II, Kid Flash, Wonder Woman, Mary Marvel, Spectre, Wildcat II, Robotman II, L4, S2.

10.18.7: The upper time bubble probably contains the JSA, the lower one, the Legion. That's Pariah at the center. Across the bottom are Superboy Prime, Hourman, Ray, Dolphin, Kole, Captain Comet, Hawkman II, Elongated Man, Dove, unknown, Batman II, Phantom Stranger, S2, Spectre, Metamorpho, Wonder Woman II, Captain Marvel, L4?, Obsidian, Black Lightning, Halo, Harlequin, Silver Scarab, Zatanna, Power Girl, Blue Beetle, Sargon the Sorcerer.

10.19.2: Chris KL-99, Adam Strange, Rip Hunter, Cryll, Space Ranger.

10.19.4-5: The truth about the Anti-Monitor's freedom is revealed.

10.19.6-7: Invisible Kid II, Shadow Lass, Ultra Boy, Peacemaker, Shrinking Violet, Lady Quark, Hourman, Superboy Prime, Cyborg.

10.19.8-9: Hawkman I did in fact recover.

10.20.3: Starting from 12 o'clock, Firestorm, Halo, Firehawk, Cyborg, Black Lightning, Lightning Lass, Jade, Lightning Lad, Wildfire, Lady Quark, Captain Atom, Doctor Light II, Sun Boy, Ray, Tempest. Fifteen beings possessing the powers of the atom, the sun, and the lightning.

10.20.4: Top to bottom, Superboy Prime, Ultra Boy, Superman II, Wonder Woman II, Blok, Captain Marvel, Hourman, Mon-El, Power Girl, Captain Marvel Jr. Ten heroes endowed with strength beyond measure.

10.20.5: Brainiac 5, Robin I, Dream Girl, Batman II, Gypsy.

10.21.2: Validus, Emerald Empress, Ultra-Humanite, Black Adam, L2, Rainbow Raider, Sinestro, Blockbuster.

10.21.3: Ghost, Bolt, Star Sapphire.

10.21.6: Persuader, L2, Faceless Creature?, Sinestro.

10.21.7: Warp, Star Sapphire, Doctor Double X.

10.21.8: Kanjar Ro, Plasmus, Doctor Double X?.

10.21.9-12: Parts of Crisis #3 are recapped.

10.22.1: Icicle, Maaldor, Mirror Master.

10.22.4-6: Villains. Go fig.

10.22.7: The Mirror Master dies. The Icicle dies. Maaldor the Darklord dies.

10.23.1-2: Don't you just hate villains who plan ahead?

10.23.3-6: Doctor Light II, Superman II, Blue Beetle, Wonder Woman I, Wildcat II, Human Bomb, Captain Marvel, Metamorpho, Pariah.

10.23.10-12: Anthro, the first human, and Kamandi, the last boy. See Crisis #2.

10.24.4: Tellus, Adam Strange, Fury, Silver Scarab, Uncle Sam, Timber Wolf.

10.24.9: Blue Beetle, Nuklon, Uncle Sam, Captain Marvel, S1, Dream Girl, Lady Quark, Wonder Woman II, S2, Power Girl, Black Adam, L2, Star Sapphire, Bolt, Lord of Time, Ultra-Humanite, Ghost, Mirror Master, plus a few too fuzzy to make out.


10.25.1: Spectre in the foreground, White Witch, Doctor Fate, Zatanna, Phantom Stranger, Sargon the Sorcerer, Zatara, Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt, Madame Xanadu in the background. 10.25.7 shows Jennifer Morgan to the White Witch's right.

10.25.5: A powerful image, one Larry Niven dismissed as a "lie" in Ganthet's Tale. I'm mildly annoyed with him for that.

10.26.1: See 7.8.4.

10.26.4: The Spectre's master is, of course, God.

10.26.5: The Multiverse dies.

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