The Annotated Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Issue #8, November '85: "A Flash Of The Lightning"

Wolfman, Pérez, Ordway

Plot Summary: Several subplots are mentioned in passing. including the current actions of Darkseid and the GLC. The JLA and allies investigate the Anti-Monitor-altered Red Tornado II, who is booby-trapped to prevent such tampering. Meanwhile, on Qward, F2 escapes his confinement, forces PP2 to turn the Thunderers against the Anti-Monitor, and dies destroying his anti-matter cannon, saving the remaining worlds.


8.Cover: The Anti-Monitor, Flash II, and Psycho-Pirate II.

8.1.2: The same ship we saw in 7.38.11.

8.2.2: PP2's self-analysis is highly entertaining...

8.2.6: First appearance of the "new look" Anti-Monitor.

8.3.3-5: Darkseid's trait of putting some words in double quotes is a Kirbyism.

8.4.1: Note that the planet in the background has its multiple-universe "echoes", but Oa is unique.

8.4.4: Arisia of the GLC.

8.4.5: Katma Tui and Tomar-Re of the GLC.

8.4.9: The schism in the Guardians seen here is the beginning of a (relatively) important division in their ranks.

8.5.3: The title is from the quote given at the end of the issue. Blok, White Witch, Ultra Boy, Phantom Girl, Dawnstar, Wildfire, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Shrinking Violet, Brainiac 5 (in chair), Lightning Lass, Element Lad, Sun Boy, Mon-El, Shadow Lass, Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Star Boy, Dream Girl, Proty II. Note that most of the couples are standing together.

8.6.4: Firehawk and Firestorm are not actually lovers, but they do flirt a lot. I'm not sure why Firestorm was feeling sorry for himself.

8.6.7: T. O. Morrow created Red Tornado II using stolen future technology in an attempt to destroy the JSA, and, later, the JLA, but the Tornado rebelled and turned good.

8.7.4: The JLA left the satellite for a number of reasons, including the damage and intra-team politics.

8.8.1: Atom II retired to live with a village of miniature aliens.

8.8.3: The caption directs the reader to Atom Special #2.

8.9.3: This scene is also presented in Blue Devil #17.

8.9.4: Note how everyone seems to think the Crisis is over.

8.9.9: Though no one seems confident of Blue Devil's ability to help, he does offer the only piece of good advice.

8.11.1: First appearance of Firehawk's new costume.

8.11.7: T. O. Morrow is snatched by L2 and Brainiac.

8.12.1: A random space warp; no relation to Morrow's disappearance.

8.13.2: The caption directs one to Omega Men #31.

8.13.2: The caption directs the reader to Blue Devil #18.

8.14.1: "Zillion"? Uh-huh. Astronomy in the Qward universe is somewhat odd.

8.16.14: F2 is referring to the trial that culminated in Flash #350.

8.21.4-5: Iris West-Allen was his wife. Fiona Webb was almost his second wife, while Iris was presumed dead. Wally West was his sidekick, Kid Flash (and, as of 1996, the Flash). Dexter Myles was curator of the Flash Museum. Ralph Dibny is the Elongated Man, one of Barry's closest friends. Sue Dibny is Ralph's wife. Hal Jordan was Green Lantern II, Barry's closest friend in the superhero biz.

8.22.3: Not at your hands, villain.

8.22.5: The temporal portal is the Anti-Monitor's backup plan to journey to the dawn of time; it's also affecting F2's trajectory.

8.22.7: This is a view of 12.18.2.

8.22.9: A view of 2.7.9 and 2.8.1.

8.22.11: A composite of 2.7.6 and 2.8.7.

8.22.12: Much the same dialogue as in 2.7.7.

(Clipped from 8.23.)

8.23.1-6: "Th-there's hope... there is always hope... Time to save the world! Time... back in time... Do what you have to... we must save the world... we must save the world..." Flash II dies.

8.24.1-3: The Anti-Monitor, driven to frustration by the constant defeats, absorbs his entire universe to gather the energy for the trip to the dawn of time.

8.24.5: Left to right, Prof Haley, Red Ryan, June Robbins, Rocky Davis, Ace Morgan, all of the Challs.

8.25: The Spectre can sense the Anti-Monitor's intentions, but lacks the ability to travel to the dawn of time unaided. The quote is from Knox's "Songs of Israel: Mortality", stanza 1. The "birth date" given of 1956 is Flash II's first appearance in comics.

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