The Annotated Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Issue #7, October '85: "Beyond The Silent Night"

Wolfman, Pérez, Ordway, Giordano
Double-Sized Issue

Plot Summary: We learn the beginnings of the multiverse, the secrets of the dawn of time, the origins of the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, and the part Pariah played in causing the destruction of the universe. L4 and Pariah lead a dozen of the mightiest heroes of six Earths to the Anti-Monitor's fortress in the negative universe. There, Supergirl manages to destroy the devices he is using to bring about the destruction of the remaining Earths, but at the cost of her own life. The Anti-Monitor, badly injured, escapes.


7.Cover: In front, Superman II and Supergirl.
First row: Swamp Thing II, Nightwing, Starfire II, Broot, Star Boy, Solovar, Fury, Night Girl? (shadowed leg), Cyborg, Vigilante II, Gypsy, Metamorpho, Doll Man, Nuklon, Atom II, Jonah Hex, Blue Devil, Martian Manhunter, Batman II, Adam Strange, Wonder Woman II, Gold, Doctor Fate.
Second Row: Big Bear, Shade the Changing Man, Lori Lemaris, Jemm, Changeling, Tarantula, OMAC, Robin III, Brainiac 5, Creeper, Hawkman I, Sgt. Rock, Proty II, Huntress II, Jonni Thunder, Question, Batgirl, Firestorm, Captain Marvel, Colossal Boy, Tomahawk, Kamandi, Power Girl, Superman I.
Third Row, Left: Blackhawk, Blue Beetle, Elongated Man, Deadman, Tall Marvel? (between Deadman's legs), Green Lantern III, Spectre, Rocky of the Challs, Ragman, Amethyst (Princess of Gemworld).
Third Row, Right: Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, Dolphin, Flash II, Atomic Knight, Kole, Mister Miracle, Warlord, Invisible Kid II, Cinnamon, Plastic Man.
The presence of F2 in this scene is unlikely plot-wise, but appropriate tribute-wise. Note which characters are grieving most: Batgirl and Lori Lemaris, her best friends, Power Girl, her duplicate, and Brainiac 5, her lover.

7.1: Halfway through the series, and it's finally time for explanations.

7.2.1: Sivana and IBAC, two of Captain Marvel's greatest foes. IBAC's name is misspelled throughout.

7.2.2: Ever-modest, Sivana is.

7.2.6: Mister Tawky-Tawny, Captain Marvel Jr., Changeling, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman II, Supergirl. Interesting that Sivana thinks he's being deadpan, but Supergirl can tell he's surprised.

7.2.7: Changeling, of course, is a talking animal from time to time. I've always liked this bit.

7.3.3: Mary Marvel, Uncle Marvel, Kole, and Black Canary II on the right.

7.3.5: One wonders if the Anti-Monitor could have restored PP2's sanity as well as Harbinger did. I wonder if she wonders this.

7.3.9: Love the perspective in this panel.

7.4.1: Wildcat II up top, Green Arrow I, Atom I, Liberty Belle below. Does anyone really translate their thoughts the way Wildcat II does?

7.4.3: This is the sort of overheard conversation one expects in Three's Company... Atom I and Wildcat I were two of the "unpowered" members of the JSA, which tends to be something to bond over. "Well, Green Lantern and Doctor Fate are defeating Das Uberbot and Baron Blitzkrieg... want to go beat up some henchmen?"

7.4.8: Martian Manhunter, Katana, Peacemaker, Blok, Thunderbolt.

7.4.10: Blue Beetle, Nightshade.

7.5.2: Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, Uncle Sam, Steel, Starfire II, Doll Man, Doctor Light II. Both Sam and the Bomb's dialogue is a little stilted.

7.5.3: Hmm, why did the trio of Harbinger, L4, and Pariah send Starfire II to do their recruitment on EX? (I know, I know, I think about this stuff too much...)

7.5.5-8: Crossing panels, Cinnamon, Firehair, Lori Lemaris, Aqualad, Dolphin, Sea Devils, Aquagirl, Enemy Ace, Lady Quark.

7.5.8: The fireman might be Fireman Farrell. (Yes, DC used to do comics about firefighters. Those were the days...)

7.5.9: L4 recruits the remaining three representatives. I like to assume that S2 couldn't keep a chill out of the word "Luthor", which is why L4 asked him to call him "Alexander". With the addition of issue 4.5, Lady Quark's comment makes no sense; she's already met Superman I (and Superman D).

7.6.1: Lady Quark of E6, Superman II of E1, Uncle Sam of EX, Luthor IV of E3, Captain Marvel of ES, Superman I of E2, Blue Beetle of E4, Harbinger of E1(?), and Pariah of Earth-Omega. The title is from a quote we'll see at the end of the issue. One has to assume L4 isn't including himself or Pariah in his universe-count. (And while I'm thinking of it, isn't it interesting that L4, of the Monitor's pet projects, is the most psychologically stable? He's a week old, raised in a bubble...)

7.6.7: You have to wonder what L4 was going to say about Beetle that could compare to his other introductions.

7.7-10: Synopsis of the history of Oa, Krona, and the multiverse: Billions of years ago Krona, a native of the paradise-world of Oa, attempted to see the beginning of the universe. His attempt caused a massive explosion, which fractured the universe into an infinity of splinters, and created a dark anti-matter universe called Qward. Krona was dispersed across the universe by the other Oans, who then debated how to atone for their collective guilt. Some became the Guardians, founders of the GLC, others became the Controllers.

7.7.6: Cosmology is a little different in the DCU, but we knew that...

7.7.7: Oa, home of the Guardians as of 1985, headquarters of the GLC.

7.8.7: This disaster was originally credited with being the origin of all evil, but DC has backed down from that position. Several times. The caption directs the reader to Green Lantern #40, where these events were originally described.

7.9: Qward first appeared very early in GL2's history, and has been a recurring thorn in the GLC's side.

7.10.6: This is a retcon of the GLC's origin, but it makes sense, as all good retcons do.

7.11-12: Synopsis of the history of the Anti-Monitor and the Monitor: On the satellite of Qward, the Anti-Monitor was born, and his counterpart, the Monitor, was born on the moon of Oa. The Anti-Monitor conquered Qward, and created his Thunderers and shadow demons. When he discovered the existence of his "good twin", they fought a million-year war, which ended with them both unconscious.

7.11.9: The Thunderers were introduced to the GLC mythos very early on, but this is the first we've learned of their true origin.

7.13-15: Synopsis of Pariah's origin: Pariah attempted the same experiment Krona did, with slightly different results. As Pariah knew of the existence of the anti-matter universe, he linked the two together before viewing the beginning of time. This tap into the forces of creation siphoned enough power into both the universes of Oa and Qward to wake the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, and the latter used the opportunity to unleash anti-matter on Pariah's universe of Earth-Omega, destroying it and further empowering him. Pariah survived within his lab, and the Monitor (after building his hidden satellite) gave him the ability to be drawn to evil, and invulnerability. (Pariah as of issue #7 has a distorted impression of these events.)

7.13.2: I've named this world "Earth-Omega", as it was the beginning of the end.

7.13.4: Note absence of mascara.

7.15.1-2: This supposition of Pariah's turns out to be wrong. The Anti-Monitor was freed by the creation-tap, and caused the destruction of Earth-Omega, not the other way 'round.

7.16.6: The screens in the background show the Crimson Avenger, Negative Man, and Batman I, all dead as of 1985. Negative Man later returned.

7.16.9-10: We-the-readers already know L4's origin, so the author has Lady Quark interrupt S1.

7.17.1-2: Earth-1. The Spectre, Phantom Stranger, Deadman.

7.17.3: A necessary revelation, plot-wise. The mystic characters will play a role later on.

7.17.4-5: Earth-2. Huntress II, Power Girl.

7.17.7-8: Earth-X. Firebrand I, Human Bomb, Doll Man.

7.17.10-11: Earth-4. Nightshade, Blue Beetle, Peacemaker. Yeah, Peacemaker, a man with a gun would have fit right in with the powerhouses being gathered...

7.17.13-14: Earth-S. Uncle Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel.

7.19.1: Mon-El, Jade, Captain Atom, Lady Quark, GL1, Doctor Light II, Martian Manhunter, S1, Wildfire, S1, Supergirl, Wonder Woman II, Ray, Captain Marvel, Pariah, Firestorm, L4. 15 powerhouses, their guide, and the opener.

7.20.6: ...Not counting Pariah or L4.

7.24.2: The Anti-Monitor appears to get a sudden inspiration here...

7.24.6: ...but here he's claiming it was part of his plan all along. Sheesh, megalomaniacs, go fig.

7.25.4: Firestorm is composed of two people, remember.

7.26.8: The anti-matter universe is, indeed, messing with their powers.


7.29.3: I'm not going to get into the issue of whether the anti-matter universe has an atmosphere...

7.30.1: Wonder Woman II and Mon-El are two of S2's oldest friends; indeed, for a while he believed Mon-El to be his brother.

7.30.4: Note the continued emphasis on S2 being their greatest hope.

7.31.4: She was about to say, "Why did the Monitor create me?" We find out in issue #12.

7.38.11: The Anti-Monitor announces his new plan.

7.39.16: "Thank heaven... the worlds have a chance to live. Y-you're crying... please don't. You taught me to be brave... and I was... I... I love you so much for what you are. For how... good you are..." Supergirl dies.

7.40.9-11: This period of quasi-peace lasted for several weeks, perhaps months, of DC Universe time.

7.41.2: The staff of the Daily Planet, including Jimmy Olsen and Perry White at left.

7.41.5: Metamorpho, S1, Power Girl, unknown, Uncle Sam, Human Bomb.

7.41.10: Batman II, Wonder Woman II, Star-Spangled Kid, Cyborg.

7.41.11: Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Captain Marvel. Brainiac 5 was Supergirl's lover. "Kara is a hero. She will not be forgotten." Crisis removed Kara from the continuity, so this is a supremely ironic comment.

7.42: The quote is by R. G. Ingersoll, an American post-Civil War orator.

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