The Annotated Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Issue #6, September '85: "3 Earths! 3 Deaths!"

Wolfman, Pérez, Ordway

Plot Summary: While the Anti-Monitor forces Psycho-Pirate II to instill fear into the entire populations of Earths X, S, and 4, the Monitor's satellite continues to disintegrate. Just in time, Luthor IV and Harbinger manage to dispatch some of the collected heroes to those three worlds, where they are promptly attacked by the native heroes. Harbinger sends her duplicate selves into the heart of the anti-matter in a successful attempt to bring these worlds into the protection of the netherverse along with Earths 1 and 2. The Monitor's satellite is destroyed.


6.Cover: The face of death.

6.1: The "3 Deaths" of the title are the deaths of Harbinger's replicants.

6.3.2: Steel, Starfire II, Northwind.

6.3.4: Hawkman I, Doctor Light II, Northwind again, Pariah.

6.3.5: Martian Manhunter, Katana of the Outsiders, Azrael (no relation to the 1996 character of that name).

6.3.7: Flash I and Blok of the Legion.

6.4.2: Kole, Supergirl, Black Canary II, Changeling, Wonder Woman II.

6.4.6: It's not made clear where Pariah goes from here

6.5.4: Another reason why Harbinger won the award for "Most Likely To Beat Up On Her Allies".

6.5.7-23: Going top to bottom, ignoring Harbinger, we have Azrael, Black Canary II, Blok, Changeling, Doctor Light II, Flash I, Hawkman I, Martian Manhunter, Katana, Kole, Luthor IV, Northwind, Starfire II, Steel, Supergirl, Wonder Woman II (hair miscolored). If you substitute "J'onn J'onzz" for "Martian Manhunter", they're in alphabetical order.

6.7.8: Yolanda was born with powers as a result of experiments upon her mother by Doctor Love, but at this point she doesn't know that.

6.7.12: The caption directs the reader to Infinity Inc.

6.8.2: The caption directs one to Superman #413.

6.8.3: The chronology of events here seems a little odd. It is later made clear that Psimon was rescued by Brainiac and L2 back in issue 3, but we are only now seeing L2's recruitment. Let's just assume this is a flashback and move on.

6.8.5: The pre-Crisis Brainiac was originally an android that could pass for human (well, for Coluan - he was green-skinned). His conversion to robot form is relatively recent.

6.9.1: Earth-X, home of the Quality comics characters. DC continuity at this time stated that the Freedom Fighters were originally native to E2, but travelled to EX, which was desperately in need of heroes.

6.9.3: Hawkman I, Northwind, Doctor Light II, Steel, Starfire II. Five of the sixteen seen in 6.5.7-23.

6.10.5: The Ray, the Human Bomb, Uncle Sam, Doll Man, Phantom Lady. Black Condor shows up in 6.10.8.

6.11.5: "Heroes don't battle other heroes without reason..." [snicker]

6.11.6-7: Careful what you wish for, Pirate.

6.12.1: Earth-4, home to the Charlton characters.

6.12.3: Azrael, Flash I, Blok, Katana, Martian Manhunter. Another five from 6.5.7-23.

6.12.6: Azrael was a very new character at this point, an alien with amnesia.

6.13-15: These pages mark the first appearances in the DC multiverse of Captain Atom, Nightshade, Peacemaker, Judomaster, Thunderbolt, and the Question.

6.13.1-2: Either PP2 is instilling very deep paranoia, or he's altering memories. Beetle's recollections are clearly skewed.

6.13.4: None of these five have met Blue Beetle before, but presumably everyone's been comparing notes.

6.14.1: Judomaster was a World War II-era hero, a Caucasian American trained in martial arts by anti-war Japanese refugees.

6.14.5: The time glitches indicate that Harbinger's efforts are beginning to have the desired effect; they're symptoms of the netherverse, not of the anti-matter wave.

6.15.4: Six new heroes, actually.

6.15.6-7: These scenes may be a bit confusing. Arion's Atlantis of 45,000 years ago was above-water, and sank between then and the present day of Aquaman, with only the twin cities of Tritonis (home to mer-people with fish tails) and Poseidonis (home to non-tailed Atlanteans) surviving.

6.15.11: New Venice was Aquaman's base of operations at this time, a sunken city off the east coast of the US.

6.15.12: The caption directs the reader to JLA #242 & 243 and one of the many Aquaman mini-series. His marriage to Mera does not work out.

6.16.1: Black Manta and Ocean Master are Aquaman's greatest foes.

6.16.4: Brainiac and L2's recruitment proceeds.

6.16.7: Earth-S, homeworld of the Fawcett characters.

6.16.8: Black Canary II and Changeling. Supergirl, Kole, and Wonder Woman II show up in the next three pages. Excepting the unconscious L4, these are the last of the sixteen heroes in 6.5.7-23.

6.17.2: Captain Marvel makes his first appearance in this series.

6.18.5: Everyone's been briefed on PP2's disappearance, too.

6.19.3: Captain Marvel Jr. is not Mary Marvel's sibling (though Captain Marvel "Sr." is), except in the sense that they are both part of the Marvel Family. Perhaps the coloring is wrong, as we see Captain Marvel in the next panel.

6.19.5: That's Uncle Marvel Changeling is wrestling with. He has no powers, thankgawd.

6.20.3: Yo, Uncle Sam, have you taken a look at your hat lately?

6.21.4: Notice that the three streams of planets contain the same worlds, three times over.

6.21.5-6: Imagine pushing against a 12 billion-person wall of emotion, and having it suddenly vanish...

6.24.1: [grin] It's the sort of question you don't see heroes asking each other too often, eh? As to how they got there, presumably Harbinger teleported L4 and her "real" body there before the satellite was destroyed.

6.24.2: Top to bottom, Power Girl, Green Lantern I, Johnny Quick I, Star Sapphire, Deathbolt, Per Degaton.

6.24.3: More villains are teleported away.

6.25: The first appearance (in costume) of Wildcat II.

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