The Annotated Crisis on Infinite Earths

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All-Star Squadron #50, October '85: "Crisis Point!"

Thomas, Clark, Jones
Occurs during Crisis #1, and the 1940s. The JSA are captured by Nazi spies and launched into space, where the dimensional influence of Harbinger causes them to end up on alternate-dimensional "hyperspace" versions of the eight other planets of the Solar System. This dimension-shifting also occurs at the rocket's control center in Berlin, where Commander Steel is rescuing a friend. He is transported permanently to Earth-1. Phantom Lady and Plastic Man, attending an All-Star bond rally, are contacted by Uncle Sam, and join him and the Freedom Fighters on Earth-X. At the same rally, Harbinger's recruitment of Firebrand II is recapped. Green Lantern I, Liberty Belle, and Johnny Quick I attempt to intercept Harbinger, and end up getting dumped in another dimension (unrevealed until #52, below).

All-Star Squadron #51, November '85: "The Monster Society of Evil!"

Thomas, Clark, Jones
Occurs during Crisis #2 and #3, and the 1940s. Sandy, Doctor Fate, Hourman I, and Hawkgirl battle Mister Mind's prototype Monster Society of Evil, including Oom, Mister Who, Ramulus, and Nyola. Not much Crisis relevance.

All-Star Squadron #52, December '85: "From Fear to Eternity!"

Thomas, Jones, Alcala
Occurs approximately during Crisis #3, and the 1940s. Liberty Belle, Johnny Quick I, and GL1, who have traveled cross-dimension looking for Firebrand II, find themselves on Earth-S. They help Captain Marvel battle shadow demons, exchange gossip, and Shazam helps them return to Earth-2. Also, Hawkman's adventure in hyperspace is told.

All-Star Squadron #53, January '86: "Worlds in Turmoil"

Thomas, Clark, Jones
Occurs during Crisis #5, and the 1940s. The young Superman I fights the Monster Society, who succeed in breaking the Dummy out of prison. Mister Mind is kicked out of the society, and journeys on to Earth-S. The Monster Society becomes the Society of Oom. The All-Star Squadron assembles to discuss the disappearances, and search parties are sent out. Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick I are "grabbed" by Harbinger for the meeting on the Monitor's satellite. Wildcat I's accident is told again from a different perspective.

All-Star Squadron #54, February '86: "The Crisis Comes to 1942!"

Thomas, Clark, Jones
Occurs during Crisis #5, and the 1940s. The Society of Oom attacks the Trylon & Perisphere headquarters of the Squadron, and is defeated. Amazing Man and the Tarantula are snatched by Harbinger for the satellite meeting. After that meeting, Firebrand II is assigned to lead a team of time-lost heroes (including the Black Pirate and Justin, the Roving Ranger, Miss Liberty, Viking Prince, Golden Gladiator, Don Caballero, the Trigger Twins, Silent Knight, and the Iron Maiden) to defend Cape Canaveral.

All-Star Squadron #55, March '86: "Crisis at Canaveral!"

Thomas, Jones, Burgard
Occurs during Crisis #5. Firebrand II's grouping of "History's Heroes" fights against, and then beside Super Chief, Strong Bow, and Arak against the Ultra-Humanite, who manages to steal a space shuttle. Cyclotron is briefly snatched away from the moment of his death in 1942 to save his adult daughter's life. Also, Sandman I's hyperspace adventure is told.

All-Star Squadron #56, April '86: "The Sinister Secret of the Sixth Sense!"

Thomas, Clark, Harris
Occurs approximately during Crisis #5, and the 1940s. This is only a crossover in the very loosest sense. The red skies are referred to, but the plot has to do with the Seven Soldiers foiling a criminal mastermind. Also, Doctor Mid-Nite's adventure in hyperspace is told.

All-Star Squadron #57, May '86: "Kaleidoscope"

Thomas, Clark, Colletta, Hoberg, Jones, Alcala, Howell
Not an official Crisis crossover. Occurs after the Crisis, in the year 1942. Liberty Belle, Johnny Quick I, Firebrand II, Amazing Man, and the Tarantula are returned to their proper times, but their memories are wiped. Doctor Fate and Doctor Occult pool their resources to locate three of the missing JSAers. Some mysterious effect is preventing the complete end of the Crisis, as the skies are still red and Superman I, et al, still exist. The letter column contains an extensive discussion of the various policy-shifts DC Editorial had regarding the Crisis.

All-Star Squadron #58, June '86: "I Sing the Body Robotic!"

Thomas, Jones, Clark
Not an official Crisis crossover. Occurs after the Crisis, in the year 1942. The All-Stars are repairing their HQ when Mekanique appears. She seems confused, and Robotman I orders his teammates to leave her alone. He takes her to his lab to repair her. The skies are still red. Plus, Johnny Thunder I in hyperspace.

All-Star Squadron #59, July '86: "Out of the Ashes... Mekanique!"

Thomas, Jones, Harris
Not an official Crisis crossover. Occurs after the Crisis, in the year 1942. Virtually the entire All-Star Squadron - over 35 heroes - gather to discuss the missing JSAers, and what to do about Mekanique. Robotman refuses to turn her over to the Squadron, and a brief fight breaks out before Mekanique recovers. The full effects of the Crisis contiune to be held at bay. Plus, the Spectre in hyperspace.

All-Star Squadron #60, August '86: "The End of the Beginning!"

Thomas, Jones, Clark
Not an official Crisis crossover. Occurs after the Crisis, in the year 1942. The JSA return from hyperspace, and roust some Nazis. Mekanique explains that she has come from the future, and that if two lives are saved, an evil timeline will be avoided. GL1 and Firebrand II do so. Robotman I almost discovers the truth about Mekanique - that she intended to cause the evil timeline - but she uses her time-bending powers to make him forget. She then releases Homee of inertia that kept the full effects of the Crisis from happeneing, and Superman I, Batman I, et cetera, vanish. A group picture of the Squadron was taken just before the "vanishing". The effects are as follows:
Before: Johnny Quick I, Liberty Belle, Robotman I, Doctor Fate, Atom I, Wonder Woman I, Aquaman (I), Superman I, Batman I, Robin I, Flash I, Hawkgirl, Hawkman I, Green Lantern I, Spectre, Amazing Man, Green Arrow I, Speedy I, Manhunter I, Doctor Mid-Nite, Wildcat I, Guardian, Sandy, Sandman I, Dyna-Mite, TNT, Mr. Terrific, Sargon, Mr. America, Doctor Occult, Star-Spangled Kid, Stripsey, Crimson Avenger, Wing, Tarantula, Hourman, Firebrand II, Shining Knight, Starman I, Air-Wave I, Vigilante I, Johnny Thunder, Whip, Zatara.
After: Subtract Wonder Woman I, Aquaman (I), Superman I, Batman I, Robin I. Add Phantom Lady, Black Condor, Uncle Sam, Ray, Plastic Man, Human Bomb, Jester (formerly of Earth-X). Green Arrow I and Speedy I probably should have been subtracted, also.

Amethyst #13, February '86: "The Hand of Fate"

Giffen, Fleming, Colon, Kesel
Occurs during Crisis #11. Amethyst's origin is retold by Doctor Fate. No Crisis relevance.

Blue Devil #17, October '85: "Fish out of Water"

Cohn, Mishkin, Kupperberg, Farmer
Occurs approximately during Crisis #8. Blue Devil battles the Fisherman. No notable relevance to the Crisis save for GL3 coming to gather Blue Devil at the end.

DC Comics Presents #86, October '85: "Into the Valley of the Shadow...!"

Kupperberg, Hoberg, Hunt
Occurs during Crisis #4. Supergirl's rooftop discussion with Batgirl is recapped, then she and Superman team up to investigate a double black hole, which they believe may be causing the Crisis. Instead, they encounter the villain Blackstarr. There is a brief battle, then the three of them ally to stop a universe-shrinking effect of uncertain origin.

DC Comics Presents #87, November '85: "Year of the Comet"

Maggin, Swan, Williamson
Occurs just after Crisis #7. Superman is mourning Supergirl when he is zapped cross-dimension by the Superman Revenge Squad. He winds up on Earth-Prime, where he meets the Earth-Prime Superboy. They foil an alien invasion, then Superman returns home. The Superboy of Earth-Prime exists in a world nearly identical to our own. The fact that he's Kryptonian, and named "Clark Kent", is just a coincidence. He even reads DC Comics, including Crisis #7.

The Fury of Firestorm #41, November '85: "Storm Warning"

Conway, Kayanan, Akin, Garvey
Occurs during Crisis #1. Harbinger's departure from Monitor's satellite is recapped. Harbinger and PP2 go to recruit Firestorm. PP2 finds him first, and inadvertently manipulates his emotions so that he attacks Harbinger. Harbinger then orders PP2 to undo the effects, and she takes him to recruit Killer Frost.

The Fury of Firestorm #42, December '85: "A Long Night's Journey into Day"

Conway, Kayanan, Akin, Garvey
Occurs during Crisis #9. Firehawk and Wonder Girl, searching for FH's father and WG's husband, get caught up in the time-distortion around parts of New York and end up in the American Revolutionary War, where they help Tomahawk and Dan Hunter against the British.

Green Lantern #194, November '85: "5"

Englehart, Staton, Patterson
Occurs during Crisis #1 and #2. Green Arrow II and Black Canary II are rescuing people from the natural disasters when GL3 and Katma Tui (also of the GLC) arrive to lend a hand. They are comparing notes when Harbinger arrives to recruit GL3. After a brief tussle - in which Harbinger proves unstoppable - GL3 agrees to go with her. His arrival on the Monitor's satellite, the battle with the Shadows, and the Monitor's speech are recapped. Meanwhile, Katma goes to Oa to warn the Guardians of Harbinger's message of doom. She find them agitated and uncertain, which shakes her faith. She then goes to warn another GL, only to find his world inaccessible (presumably destroyed by anti-matter). Following her visit to Oa, the Guardians there are incapacitated by the Anti-Monitor. Katma feels this through her ring, and goes to consult Hal Jordan (formerly GL2, but currently retired and moping about it). He's unable to help, and he ends up going up to the grave of Abin Sur (his predecessor). There, he finds the brain-damaged Guy Gardner digging through the grave, looking for his ring (which isn't there). They fight briefly, then a Guardian arrives to bring Gardner back to Oa, where he will be given a ring. Jordan is snubbed.

Green Lantern #195, December '85: "4"

Englehart, Staton, Patterson
Occurs either during Crisis #2, or just before #9, or possibly across 2 through 9. Guy Gardner's origin is retold, and he gets his ring. Hal Jordan makes his way across the deserts of Oa to the Guardians, and they tell him the universe can't be saved.

Infinty Inc. #18, September '85: "Helix Goes to Hollywood!"

Thomas, McFarlane, Marcos
Occurs during Crisis #1. We learn the origins of Helix, and the Infinitors fight them. We also see Harbinger recruit Obsidian.

Infinty Inc. #20, November '85: "Crisis on Infinitors' Earth"

Thomas, McFarlane, Hernandez, Montano, Thomas, Roy, Tollin
Occurs approximately during Crisis #4. The JSA and Infinity Inc. deal with collapsing buildings, earthquakes, et cetera. Hourman II and Doctor Midnight begin the road to herodom.

Infinty Inc. Annual #1, 1985: "Green Dreams & Precious Illusions"

Thomas, Harris, McFarlane, DeZuniga, Giordano, Alcala, Howell
Occurs during Crisis #4. Obsidian is returned to Earth-2. Jade, Obsidian, Harlequin, and GL1 battle Thorn I and much uniquely Roy Thomas-ish backstory about how they're all related is told (some of which is true, some of which isn't). GL1 and Harlequin get married. Only marginal importance to the Crisis.

Infinty Inc. #21, December '85: "Shadows at Midnight!"

Thomas, McFarlane
Occurs just before Crisis #5. GL1 and Harlequin's wedding reception takes place (with over two dozen heroes in attendance), but all of the JSA and Infinity Inc. are snatched away for the big meeting on the Monitor's satellite. Hourman II and Doctor Midnight debut.

Infinty Inc. #22, January '86: "Uncivil Wars"

Thomas, McFarlane, Clark
Occurs during Crisis #5. The satellite meeting is recapped from the Infinitors' point of view (including a brief tussle with Helix). Hourman II and Doctor Midnight battle time-displaced Union Soldiers from the American Civil War. Some mildly interesting comments on racism are made.

Infinty Inc. #23, February '86: "Feithera by Stormlight!"

Thomas, McFarlane, Harris
Occurs during Crisis #7. Wildcat II's debut is recapped, some subplots advance, and Jade, Brainwave Jr., Northwind, and Solomon Grundy visit Northwind's homeland.

Infinty Inc. #24, March '86: "Back from the Future!"

Thomas, McFarlane, Harris
Occurs during Crisis #7. Various Infinitors discuss the assault on the Anti-Monitor's citadel. The villain team Helix announces a truce until the Crisis is resolved. Jonni Thunder and the Star-Spangled Kid deal with the time-switches and Knodar, the Last Criminal.

Justice League of America #244, November '85: "The Final Crisis"

Conway, Staton, Machlan
Occurs approximately during Crisis #3. The League, fleeing a battle with Infinity Inc. (see Infinity Inc. #19) returns to the wrecked JLA satellite, and uses the transmatter to journey to Earth-2. On the surface, the Infinitors begin to wonder if they weren't tricked into attacking heroes by Commander Steel. They discover him and Mekanique torturing the Leaguer Steel, and are defeated by him. The JLA returns to the scene, bringing the JSA with them. Steel defeats Commander Steel, Mekanique vanishes, and the combined JLA, JSA, and Infinity Inc. go to confront the storms of the Crisis.

Justice League of America #245, December '85: "The Long Road Home"

Conway, McDonnell, Machlan
Occurs during Crisis #9. Steel (having been sent through time by Warp) finds himself in the year AD1,000,000,000, where he meets the Lord of Time and his daughter, and battles his sons. The rest of the League cleans up their HQ and lectures Commander Steel.

Justice League of America Annual #3, 1985: "Force of Nature"

Mishkin, Hobers, Gustovich
Occurs during Crisis #8. The original and current Justice Leagues team up to deal with the crash of the League satellite, and the debut of the new Red Tornado II, now a crazed wind elemental.

Legion of Super-Heroes #18, January '86: "Has Anyone Noticed a Crisis Going On?"

Levitz, LaRocque, Mahlstedt
Occurs after Supergirl's death in Crisis #7, but some plot elements seem to place it during the anti-matter wave of Crisis #1-4. [shrug] We learn that the Infinite Man has been protecting the 30th Century from the worst effects of the Crisis, with the side effect that no one can remember the Crisis. This latter effect increases in strength as one gets further from the Time Institute's time beacon, so (unaware of the Infinite Man's involvement), Brainiac 5 and Rond Vidar boost the beacon's power to "normalize" things. This frees the Infinite Man, who is subdued by the Legion. Also, the prison planet Takron-Galtos is destroyed by anti-matter, and the Legion has to rescue many of the inmates - those who are not recruited by Luthor II and Brainiac. One of the better crossovers.

The New Teen Titans #13, October '85: "Crisis"

Wolfman, Barreto, Tanghal
Occurs during Crisis #1-9. Many and varied details of the Titans' personal lives are covered. Cyborg is recruited by Harbinger after an extensive fight (Crisis #1). The Titans-Outsiders meeting at the Empire State Building is recapped (Crisis #3), as is all of the Crisis through Crisis #9. An envoy from Starfire II's homeworld requests she return.

The New Teen Titans #14, November '85: "The Light Within... The Dark Without!"

Wolfman, Barreto, Tanghal
Occurs during Crisis #9. Various non-Crisis subplots are advanced; Raven's mother searches for her, Changeling's father goes insane, and Azrael returns to the fold of Brother Blood. Starfire II, Nightwing, and Jericho agree to travel to Tamaran.

The Omega Men #31, October '85: "In Transit"

Klein, McManus, Colón
Occurs during Crisis #8. Very little mention of the Crisis. This issue is essentially just a bunch of advancing subplots. The space-warp mentioned in Crisis #8 appears in a one-panel cliffhanger.

Superman #414, December '85: "Revenge is Life-- Death to Superman!"

Maggin, Swan, Williamson
Occurs during, or just before, Crisis #8. Follows immediately from DC Comics Presents #87. Superman battles some aliens who have enslaved New Krypton, then brings Supergirl's body to Kandor.

Superman #415, January '86: "Supergirl: Bride of -- X?"

Bates, Swan, Williamson
Occurs approximately during Crisis #8. Superman learns of how Supergirl, during a bout of amnesia, married an alien champion by the name of Salkor. A somewhat contrived story intended to serve as coda to her death.

Swamp Thing #46, March '86: "Revelations"

Moore, Bissette, Totleben
Occurs during Crisis #5. "Something was eating the sky." The Swamp Thing is escorted by John Constantine to the big meeting on the Monitor's satellite, where he is assigned to the protection of the spiritual dimensions during the Crisis. A neatly-integrated part of Moore's "American Gothic" story arc, which terminated in the near-legendary Swamp Thing #50. Probably one of the best Crisis crossovers.

More to come...

I don't yet own every Crisis crossover, but I'm working on it. The following is a complete list of crossovers, including the ones mentioned above. The ones in boldface have the "Special Crisis Cross-Over" banner, the rest don't but are important to an understanding of the Crisis. Thanks to Martin Smith and Art Lortie for this data.

Monitor Appearances

Saga of the Swamp Thing #30, November '84: "A Halo of Flies"

Moore, Bissette, Alcala
Reprinted in Essential Vertigo: Swamp Thing #10, August '97. Page 12 shows the Monitor and Lyla observing Arcane's manifestation on the Earth below. His neatly categorized information on superbeings is mentioned, as is his non-interference.

Saga of the Swamp Thing #31, December '84: "The Brimstone Ballet"

Moore, Veitch, Totleben
Reprinted in Essential Vertigo: Swamp Thing #11, September '97. Page 9 shows the Monitor and Lyla still observing. The Monitor comments, "I am attempting to suppress for the first time in my life... the uncontrollable urge to look away."

The Monitor made many other appearances before Crisis #1. A near-complete list:

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