The Annotated Crisis on Infinite Earths


The Pérez/Ross Cover to the Collection, Panel 3

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The yellow-brown panels are listed first, then the floating heroes, then the background villains, then the tv screens, then the standing heroes at the bottom.

I figured most of the identifications out myself; info I learned from the key shipped with the poster is marked "key".

Panel 9 (based on 9.1): Assorted Guardians of the Universe.

Panel 10 (based on 10.10.12): The mad goddess X'Hal crushes six different versions of the planet Kuraq together. Nimbus is crushed between them.

Panel 11 (based on 11.20.1): Etrigan the Demon roasts some shadow-beasts.

Panel 12 (12.16.8): Doctor Occult and Green Lantern I.

Heroes: Flash II (several times, running), Superman II with Supergirl (foreground), Monitor (in lightning bolt), Batman II (in lightning bolt), Pariah, Hex (future costume), Firehawk, Saturn Girl, Tommy Tomorrow, Power Girl, Captain Atom, Little Mermaid, Speedy I, Green Arrow II, Changeling, Animal Man, Starman I, GL: John Stewart, Warlord, Firebrand I, Thunderlord, Doctor Mist, Mark Moonrider, Element Lad, Hill Billy Marvel, Celsius, Invisible Kid II, Elongated Man, Cyborg, Peacemaker, Steel, Azrael, Red Star, Rip Hunter Time Master, Zatanna, a Green Lantern (key; not visible on book cover, only on poster), Congo Bill, Sunburst, Gold, Sgt. Rock, Adam Strange, Doctor Light II, Sensor Girl, Lightning Lass, Wonder Girl, Johnny Thunder I and his Thunderbolt, Hawkgirl, Magnetic Kid, Wildcat I, Dove, Air-Wave II, Brain Wave Jr.

Villains: Anti-Monitor (bottom), Brainiac's Skull-Ship (foreground), Faceless Hunter, Black Bison, Psi-Mon, Enforcer, Silver Swan (key), Huntress I, Deathbolt (key), Shaggy Man, Mano, Doctor Phosphorus, Pied Piper (key), Tokamak, Validus, Samurai (key), Manhunter robot, Phobia, Lord Shilling, Luthor I, Luthor II, Doctor Destiny, Krona, Multiplex, Vulcan (key), Doctor Spectro (key), Shimmer, Nemesis Kid of the LSV, Bulldozer of the Gang, Cluemaster, (proceeding downward from Firehawk's wing) Punch (key; not visible on book cover, only on poster), Captain Nazi, Killer Frost II, Brain, Gambler, Eradicator, Ultra-Humanite as Delores Winters (key), Floronic Man, IBAC, Abra Kadabra (key; not visible on book cover, only on poster), Scarecrow, Shade, Cheetah I, Heatstroke, Calendar Man, Matter Master, Golden Glider, Esper Lass of the LSV, Fiddler (key; not visible on book cover, only on poster), Black Mass of the Cadre, Monsieur Mallah, Cosmic King of the LSV, Eclipso, Doctor Psycho, Chronos, Hector Hammond, Electrocutioner, Jewelee, Lightning Lord of the LSV.

TV Screen: Frances Kane (key), Judge Irwin Hall (key), Mrs.Hall (key), Lois Lane-Kent, statue of the Crimson Avenger, Joan Garrick, Megan O'Dell (key).

Standing: Ronal (technically sitting, not standing [grin]), Arion's ally Mara (key), Raven, B'wana Beast, Manhunter (Paul Kirk), Zirral of the Omega Men, Mal Duncan of the Titans (key), Roy Raymond, Stanislaus of the Blackhawks, Brainiac 5, Four-Eyes, Starman II, Harlequin, Nightshade, Pvt. Eddie Craig of the Haunted Tank, Human Target (key), Jennifer Morgan, Chuck of the Blackhawks, Lady Chian, Robin III, Terry Long, a Green Lantern, Captain Marvel Jr., Caotain Marvel's ally Stering Morris (key), Doctor Magnus, Ace of the Challengers, Detective Chimp, Johnny Double (key), Doctor Mid-Nite, Sargon the Sorcerer, Sugar and Spike, Bonnie Baxter of the Time Masters, Blackhawk (the Blackhawk), Andre of the Blackhawks, Gypsy, Katana, Karras, Beautiful Dreamer, Mento, Atomic Knight, Black Vykin, Duo Damsel, Black Canary II, Iron, Son of Vulcan, Robotman I, Prince Ra-Man, Fat Marvel, Neptune Perkins, June of the Challengers, Prof of the Challengers, Godiva, Taryia of Tamran, Madame Xanadu, GL: Ch'p, Blue Devil, Shlagen of the Omega Men, Thunder, Lightning, Lightning Lad, OMAC, Jackie Johnson of Easy Co. (key), Vigilante II (key), a Green Lantern (key), Olympian Gods: Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Boreas (key), Eos (key), Hermes (key; Johnson, Vigilante, GL, Boreas, Eos, and Hermes not visible on book cover, only on poster).

Panel 3



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