The Annotated Crisis on Infinite Earths


The Pérez/Ross Cover to the Collection, Panel 2

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The yellow-brown panels are listed first, then the floating heroes, then the background villains, then the tv screens, then the standing heroes at the bottom.

I figured most of the identifications out myself; info I learned from the key shipped with the poster is marked "key".

Panel 4 (based on 4.6 and following): Lord Volt, Lady Quark, and Princess Fern in the last moments of Earth-6.

Panel 5 (based on 5.6): Rip Hunter's time sphere, Enemy Ace's triplane, Balloon Buster's biplane, unnamed T. Rex.

Panel 6 (based on 6.1): Anti-Monitor, Psyho-Pirate II.

Panel 7 (based on 7.19): Luthor IV.

Panel 8 (based on 8.3): Desaad, Darkseid.

Heroes: Flash I, Red Tornado II, Ray, Kid Flash (running), Superman I with Wonder Woman II (foreground), Spectre (bottom), Hawkman I, Starfire II, GL: Guy Gardner, Monitor's Satellite, GL: Arisia, Plastic Man, Blok, Kamandi, Black Condor, Judomaster, Silver Scarab, Amethyst, Vigilante, Star Boy, Firestorm, Professor Stein, Obsidian, Black Lightning, Thunderbolt, Phantom Lady, Nightwing, Dream Girl, Uncle Sam, Blue Beetle, Cosmic Boy, Vixen, Chameleon Boy, Hawkwoman, Space Ranger, Huntress II, Black Orchid, GL: Tomar Re, Ultra Boy, Star-Spangled Kid, Chlorophyll Kid, Doctor Fate, Atom II, Shadow Lass.

Villains: Penguin, Solomon Grundy, a Thunderer, Deathstroke, Ultra-Humanite, Black Spider, Weather Wizard (key), Cat-Man, Time Trapper, Lord of Time, Clock King, Ten-Eyed Man (key), Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah II, Predator, Tsunami, Felix Faust, Mirror Master, Dummy, Despero, Kung, Magno Lad of the LSV, Shark, Vandal Savage, Circe, Captain Cold, Joker, Titania of the LSV, Per Degaton, Brother Blood, Quakemaster, Angle Man, Typhoon, Killer Moth, Bug-Eyed Bandit, Copperhead, Kobra, Mister Mind, Ocean Master, Black Manta, Hyena, Fog of Night and Fog (key), Count Vertigo.

TV Screen 1: Secret Six, Tawny Young, unknown in distant background, Peter Parker (yes, Peter Parker) with camera, Fireman Farrell.

TV Screen 2: Unnamed Amazon, Lois Lane, Unnamed Amazon, Wonder Woman I, Hipployta, Fury, Steve Trevor.

Standing: Angel of Angel and the Ape, Shvaughn Erin of the Science Police, Space Ranger's ally Halk, Johnny Thunder II, Chris KL-99, Negative Man, Ragman, Nuklon, Polar Boy, Doc of the Omega Men, Alfred Pennyworth, Dumb Bunny of the Inferior 5, Cinnamon, Rocky of the Challengers, Gray Gus of the Haunted Tank (key), Atom I, Question, Tarantula, Morgan Edge (key), Olaf of the Blackhawks, Stripsey, Commander Steel, Vibe, Wildman of Easy Company, Tawky Tawny, Viking Prince, Superboy Prime, Tomahawk, Gravedigger, Jack O'Lantern, Arion, Norman McKay (McKay is on book cover and poster, but not on key), Alanna, Batgirl, Arion's ally Wing (key), Jimmy Olsen, White Witch, Phantom Stranger, Big Bear of the Forever People, Doll Man.

Panel 2



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