The Annotated Crisis on Infinite Earths


The Pérez/Ross Cover to the Collection, Panel 1

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The yellow-brown panels are listed first, then the floating heroes, then the background villains, then the tv screens, then the standing heroes at the bottom.

Special thanks to Ola Hellsten and Simon Boulianne.
I figured most of the identifications out myself; info I learned from the key shipped with the poster is marked "key".

Panel 1 (based on 1.4 and following): Superwoman, Power Ring, and Ultraman in the final moments of Earth-3.

Panel 2: (based on 2.3): Anthro and his tribe on prehistoric Earth-1, with a 30th Century E1 city in the background. (Key: The tribe includes Ne-Ahn (Anthro's father), Embra (Anthro's wife), and Lart.)

Panel 3: (based on 3.12 and following): Geo-Force, the Haunted Tank, and the Losers in WW2 Markovia.

Heroes: Impala of the Global Guardians (running; key; not visible on book cover, only on poster.), Johnny Quick I (running), Hex (Old West costume), Shining Knight riding Winged Victory (key for WV), a GL, Harbinger, Amazing Man, Merryman of the Inferior 5, Serifan of the Forever People (key; I ID'd him as Doiby Dickles), Deadman, Green Fury, Mister Miracle, Dawnstar, Halo, Timber Wolf, Liberty Belle, Captain Comet, GL: Katma Tui, Bouncing Boy, Shade the Changing Man, Firebrand II, Sun Boy, Captain Marvel, Shrinking Violet (key; not visible on book cover, only on poster), Phantom Girl, Hawkman II, Mon-El, Aquagirl, Robotman II, Jade, Metamorpho, Mera, Aquaman, Dolphin, Bat Lash, Firehair, Mary Marvel, Jericho, Owlwoman, Negative Woman, Creeper, Lead, Proty II (key), Northwind, Wildfire, Sunburst, Wildcat II, Uncle Marvel, Hawk, Platinum.

Villains: Chemo (in foreground), Johnny Quick II (running), Starro, Mist, Dragon King, Overmaster of the Cadre, Blackbriar Thorn, Big Sir, Owlman, Clayface II, Silver Ghost, Neutrax of the LSV (or Image, according to key), Chameleon Chief of the LSV, Syonide, Ghost, Penguin, Houngan, Doctor Double X, Blackstarr, Monocole, a Controller, Rag Doll, Emerald Eye, Deadshot, Emerald Empress, Doctor Cyber, Black Adam, Icicle, Tyr of the LSV, Coldsnap, Brainstorm, Cheshire, Lady Lunar, Sun Emperor of the LSV, New Wave, Gizmo, Enchantress, Doctor Sivana, Catwoman II, Riddler, Satanus, Evil Star, Tharok, Captain Boomerang, Shakedown, Warp, Crime Doctor, Poison Ivy, Mammoth, Windfall, Blockbuster, Persuader, Fastball of the Cadre, Sinestro, Ace of the Royal Flush Gang (key), Shrike of the Cadre, (key; Ace and Shrike not visible on book cover, only on poster), Doctor T. O. Morrow, Star Sapphire, Kanjar Ro, Bolt, Maaldor, Radiation Roy of the LSV (key), Queen Bee, Trickster, Doctor Polaris, Plasmus, Insect Queen I, Doctor Regulus.

TV Screen 1: Lana Lang, Thomas and Martha Wayne (in picture), Sgt. Bullock, statue of Batman I, Jonni Thunder, John Constantine, Blue Beetle's ally Detective Karp (key), Joe Chill (in wanted picture).

TV Screen 2: Marvel Family's ally Joan Jameson (key), Bethany Snow, Darwin Jones, Christopher King, Jenet Klyburn, Victoria Grant, Robbie Reed.

Standing: Christie Madison, Bulldozer Smith, and Johnny Blake of Cave Carson's team (key for all three; not visible on book cover, only on poster), Cave Carson's sidekick-critter Lena, Cave Carson, Night Girl, Kole, Swamp Thing, Red of the Challengers, Scribbly, Tin, Little Sure-Shot, Colossal Boy, Guardian, Green Arrow I, Dale Gunn, Chop-Chop, Space Ranger's sidekick-critter Cryll, Nighthawk, Kid Psycho, Tall Marvel, Perry White, Broot, Awkwardman of the Inferior 5, Lori Lemaris, Tellus, GL: Zborra?, Jemm, Lois Lane-Luthor, Luthor III, Bulldozer of Easy Co., Hendrickson of the Blackhawks, Aqualad, Corky Baxter of the Time Masters, Immortal Man, Jeffrey Smith of the Time Masters, Space Ranger's ally Jero, Martian Manhunter, Vulko, Rynoc of the Omega Men, Sandman I, Farmer Boy (or Flower) of Easy Company, Mercury, Solovar, Duo Damsel, Ambush Bug, Vigilante I, Zatara, Judy Walton of the Sea Devils, Dane Dorrance of the Sea Devils, Scalphunter, Nicky Walton of the Sea Devils, Biff Bailey of the Sea Devils, Hourman I, Josh Coyle of WGBS (key), GL: Xax, Human Bomb, Tempest, Sam Simeon of Angel and the Ape.

Panel 1



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