Who's Who: Handbook of the
Amalgam Universe

Version 3.0

DC/Marvel: All Access #4 - Unlimited Access #4

"Um... I'm in the middle of discovering a new dimension right now, Sue."
"It'll still be there when we get back."

-Prof Richards and Ace Storm, Challengers of the Fantastic #1, June '97


Amalgam and all Amalgam characters, names, and related elements are jointly held trademarks of DC Comics and Marvel Characters, Inc. Non-Amalgam DC and Marvel characters are the property of the appropriate company. No threat to trademarks or copyrights is intended.

Compiled and created by Jonathan Woodward.


Name [DC Character / Marvel Character]
Notes, comments, and blah-de-blah. BKS

If more than one character from a publisher is merged, they are separated by commas. A "?" indicates doubt, of course. "[]" is short for "[? / ?]". If the source is simply "[DC]" or "[Marvel]", the character is not obviously merged, though he or she may be changed (e.g., Doc Ock.). "None", "both", and "various" are self-explanatory. After that is a brief discussion of the character and the merging, followed by the codes for the books the character is mentioned in. The codes are:

ASN Assassins BAT Bat-Thing
AMZ Amazon COF Challengers of the Fantastic
BRW Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. ADV The Dark Claw Adventures
B&B Bullets and Bracelets EXP The Exciting X-Patrol
STF Doctor Strangefate HEX Generation Hex
JLX JLX IRN Iron Lantern
CLW Legends of the Dark Claw UNL JLX Unleashed
M&M Magneto and the Magnetic Men LOB Lobo the Duck
SPD Speed Demon MFM Magnetic Men Featuring Magneto
SPB Spider-Boy STU Spider-Boy Team-Up
SUS Super-Soldier MOW Super-Soldier: Man of War
XPT X-Patrol THO Thorion of the New Asgods
AA4 DC/Marvel: All Access #4 UA4 Unlimited Access #4



DC Universe, Marvel Universe, and Amalgam Universe.
Details, or things that are thematically related to a character, without necessarily being actual parts of the original character's myth. E.g., The Barrow is the Batcave crossed with Wolverine elements, because wolverines live in barrows. The superhero Wolverine has never had a secret Barrow-Cave, however.
A name that appears in advertising/lettercol/etc., but is contradicted by a comic. E.g., "Jubilee".
Per cards
According to the non-canon trading cards.
A name formed by combining two others. E.g., "Doctor Doomsday". Obviously very common in Amalgam comics.
A convenient, but unofficial, name for an unnamed character.
Characters that are combinations of DC and Marvel characters, but are not technically part of the Amalgam Universe. See Appendices
A name mentioned in passing, about which little or nothing is known. E.g., "Apocalypso".
A name that appeared in advertising/lettercol/etc., but is not used in a comic to refer to that character. E.g., "Kid Demon". Also used for names that may or may not refer to Amalgam characters.


Normal names (e.g., Chary, Elayne) are listed last name first.

Apart from the above-listed comics, Amalgam characters have also appeared in Marvel Versus DC #3, DC Versus Marvel #4, and Unlimited Access #3, but without significant revelations. The group shot on p35 of DC/Marvel: All Access #4 is also not considered significant.

With regards to the Legion of Galactic Guardians, in cases (such as Ultra Boy) where three nearly-but-not-quite-identical DCU characters have used the same name, the pre-boot member of the Legion of Super-Heroes is numbered "I", the SW6 temporal clone is numbered "II", and the reboot character is numbered "III". In cases where only two of the characters have used the same name (Apparition, Element Lad), they're numbered logically. You figure it out.

I don't consider the trading cards to be canon, but have made note of a couple interesting revelations from them anyway. It's also possible that Dark Claw Adventures and Lobo the Duck are not set in mainstream Amalgam continuity, but I'm treating them as if they are. (Well, sort of. I'm not counting all the heroes "killed" in Lobo as dead. I mean, really....)


Thanks to Scott Steubing, Douglas Limmer, Scavenger, R. McMonigal, Mikel Midnight, David W. Stepp, Thad A. Doria, Tim 'Spock' Larson, Trey Harris, Sean MacDonald, Crazy Ivan, Paul O'Brien, Jim Smith, and everyone on rac*.
Extra thanks also to Marv Wolfman and the much-mourned Mark "The Source" Gruenwald for their work on the fabulous reference texts Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe and The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (the '85 editions), and also to the inimitable (and unrestrainable) Jess Nevins, who neatly fills the gaps in my own knowledge.

Who's Who


Abominite [Hellgrammite / Abomination]
Lizard-like being living in the sewers of New Gotham. STF
Absorbing Bug [Forager?, Ambush Bug / Absorbing Man]
Throwaway. THO
Access [none]
One of two people who know the Amalgam universe is not what it appears to be. A native of MU. Also see Doctor Strangefate. AA4 STF UA4
Adamantium [Marvel]
In AU, this indestructible metal apparently comes from Wakanda, which is the major source for vibranium in MU. Diana's bracelets, Lady Talia's limbs, all or part of Kultron, and Dark Claw's claws are made of it. ADV B&B CLW MFM
Agamotto Express [Emerald Empress / Eye of Agamotto]
Member of the Frightful Five. "Express" may be a typo for "Empress", but I rather like it. STU
Aim-Star Labs [Star Labs / AIM]
Where Chaos was "stored". UNL
All Highfather Odin [Highfather / Odin]
Ruler of New Asgard, father of L'ok D'saad, adoptive father of Thorion. See Germanic myth. B&B THO
All-Star Winners Squadron [All-Star Squadron, JSA / All-Winners Squad]
WW2-era superteam. Members include Super-Soldier, Mariner, Whiz, American Belle, Human Lantern, and "mascot" Brooklyn Barnes. Also known as the All-Star Winners Society. MOW SUS
Amazon [DC]
Generic term for natives of Themyscira (including Diana and Wonder Woman) and a very common nickname for Wonder Woman herself. AMZ SPB UNL
Ambush the Lunatik [Ambush Bug / Lunatik]
Bounty hunter mollificated, tenderized, and ketchuped by Lobo the Duck. LOB
American Belle [Liberty Belle / Miss America]
Member of the All-Star Winners Squadron. MOW
Angelhawk [Hawkman / Archangel]
"Warren". Member of JLA and secret mutant. Lost his ability to fly recently. Possible romantic involvement with Kokoro or Nightcreeper. JLX UNL
Angelica [DC]
Supporting cast in Amazon. Was introduced as a supporting character in DC's Wonder Woman some time after Amazon #1 was released. AMZ
Antimony [Platinum / Scarlet Witch]
Member of the Magnetic Men. M&M MFM
Apocalypse [Marvel]
Throwaway, evil, apparently missing. M&M
Apocalypso [Eclipso / Apocalypse]
Throwaway, but notable for having the goofiest portmanteau derived from two of the nastiest villains of their respective universes. JLX
Apokalips [Apokolips / Apocalypse]
Throwaway. Unknown if it is a place or a person, though it was responsible for "changing the face of the world". M&M
Apokalypse [Apokolips / Apocalypse]
Yet another spelling of Apokolips. THO
Apokolips [DC]
Apparently ruled by Thanoseid in B&B, but mentioned as ruled by Mephisto in M&M. B&B M&M
Apollo [Ray / Cyclops]
"Ray". Member of JLX. In love with Firebird, mirroring the Cyclops-Phoenix relationship. Brother to Chaos. JLX UNL
Aqua-Mariner [Aquaman / Namor]
See Mariner. MOW
Arabian Princess [none?]
The boat Poseidon destroyed in Amazon #1. Possibly a ref to the book The Black Stallion. AMZ
Arach-Kid [none]
Common nickname for Spider-Boy. COF SPB STU XPT
Arcane [DC]
Throwaway. Potential agent of Doctor Strangefate. Abigail Arcane of DCU, probably. STF
Arkham Tower [Arkham Asylum / Fisk Tower?]
Home to Big Question. Both this tower and the Tower of Strangefate are built atop Arkham, though they look different and it is unclear if they are supposed to be the same. (Would Doctor Strangefate allow someone to hang a large man from his TV antenna?) ADV ASN STF
Armageddon Agenda [Armageddon 2001 / X-tinction Agenda]
"The legislation that permitted Will Magnus and his Sentinels to declare war [on] all metamutants." UNL
Armaghetto [DC]
A district of Apokolips. B&B
Arrowcaster [Speedy / Nightcaster]
Minion of Night Spectre, killed by Speed Demon I. Probably included for the "Speed" reference. SPD
Asgods [New Gods / Asgardians]
See New Asgods. COF STU THO
Ashkani [ashcans (real) / Askani (Marvel)]
The Ashkani preserve the essence of lost heroes. "Ashcans" are (historically) cheap comics printed in limited numbers to secure intellectual property rights, and (currently) a promotional gimmick. EXP
Astor, Doctor []
Horse doctor in the town of Humanity. HEX
Astro-Force [DC]
Thorion's power. See also Astro-Glider. B&B
Astro-Glider [DC]
Weapon/vehicle belonging to the late Orion. Harnesses the Astro Force. B&B
See Greco-Roman myth. AMZ
Atlantis [both]
Alleged ancestral home of mutantkind. JLX UNL
Atomic Black Knight [Atomic Knight / Black Knight]
Throwaway. EXP


Bald'r Lightbringer [Lightray / Balder]
Asgod and friend to Thorion. See Germanic myth. THO
Banisher [Bane / Punisher]
Throwaway, broke Bruce Wayne's back. COF
Barnes, "Brooklyn" ["Brooklyn" "Terrible" Turpin / Bucky Barnes]
Member of New York Special Crimes Unit. Former member of Young Commandos and "mascot" to the All-Star Winners Squadron. SPB
Baron Wotan [Wotan / Baron Mordo]
Throwaway. Foe of Doctor Strangefate. STF
Baron Zero [Mister Zero (AKA Mister Freeze) / Baron Zemo]
Agent of Hydra, imprisoned in a nitrogen stasis suit since ill-fated mission to kill Super-Soldier. BRW
Barrow [Batcave / Wolverine elements]
Dark Claw's secret HQ. Name was changed from Batcave merely to reflect Wolverine theme. CLW
Bat-Thing [Man-Bat, Swamp Thing / Man-Thing]
Bizarre quasi-supernatural creature currently based out of Gotham. In life, Kirk Sallis. BAT
Baxter Building [Marvel]
New York outpost of Project Cadmus and the Challengers. COF
Beastling [Changeling (Beast Boy)/ Beast]
Member of X-Patrol. Note that "Hank Logan" combines Beast's name of Hank McCoy and Changeling's name of Garfield Logan, and is not a reference to Wolverine. The forms Beastling takes are various creatures from DCU and MU, most notably MU's Sasquatch. EXP XPT
See Female Furies. B&B
Bevarlene [Dalra / Beverly]
Lobo the Duck's main mate. LOB
Bifrost Bridge [both]
Path to New Asgard. B&B
Big Gorgon [Big Bear / Gorgon]
Member of the Un-People. COF
Big Question [Riddler / Kingpin]
Enigma Fisk, mayor of New Gotham, possibly a puppet of Doctor Strangefate, possibly killed Dare recently. ASN
Big Sif [Big Barda / Sif]
Throwaway. THO
Big Titania [Big Barda / Titania]
Minion of Thanoseid, leader of the Female Furies, loved Scott Free. Most redundant portmanteau. B&B
Billie the Millie [? / Millie the Model]
Lust-interest for Lobo the Duck. LOB
Bingle-Burry the Two-Headed Dog []
Throwaway. BAT
Bismuth [Tin / Toad]
Member of the Magnetic Men. M&M MFM
Bizarnage [Bizarro / Carnage]
Foe of Spider-Boy, a D.N.Alien. Really odd portmanteau, but somehow it works. SPB
Black Brand [Black Hand / Firebrand]
Throwaway. IRN
Black Diamond Soul Gem [Black Diamond / Soul Gem]
Target of attempted theft by Scavulture. STU
Black Orchid the Unknown [Black Orchid / Omega the Unknown]
Throwaway. EXP
Black Vulture [Hawkman I, Black Condor / Vulture]
Member of the Sinister Society. Harnesses the power of ninth metal. MFM
Blaze Males [none]
Includes Blaze Allen and Wally West (see Speed Demon I & II), possibly also Jay Garrick. SPD
Blob [Chunk / Blob]
Member of the Quentin Carnival. SPD
Bloodcrow [Scarecrow / Bloodscream (aka Bloodsport)]
Throwaway. ADV
Blue Jacket [Blue Beetle II / Yellowjacket]
Throwaway, probable member of JLA. UNL
Boom Tube [DC]
Noisy method of transportation. controlled by Monarch and Thanoseid. B&B
Bouncing Ball [Bouncing Boy / Speedball]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Brainwipe Mutants [Floro, others / Blob, Juggernaut, Mimic, Domino, Rhapsody, Blink, others]
Sinistron's brainwiped army. Actual source for these characters is very difficult to pin down, but the above are some of the best guesses. M&M
Brant, Betty [Marvel]
Aide to Rex Leech, possibly a member of Project Cadmus. SPB STU
Bronze Tiger [Bronze Tiger / Black Panther]
Ruler of Wakanda. COF
Brood [Marvel]
Parasitic alien race. EXP
Brood Pit [Blood Pit / Brood]
Used for infecting people with the Brood. EXP
Brother Blood [DC]
Throwaway, apparently leads a bloodthirsty cult in the future. XPT
Brother Brood [Brother Blood / Brood]
Leads the Brood. Killed by Raveniya. EXP
Brotherhood of Injustice [Injustice League / Brotherhood of Evil Mutants]
Throwaway. Possibly led by Ms. Tique, Runaway is a former member. JLX
Brotherhood of Mutants [Brotherhood of Evil? / Brotherhood of Evil Mutants]
Former team led by Magneto, slaughtered by Sentinels, possibly during the "Mutantfall" events. The Magnetic Men are made in their images. M&M MFM
Bulldozer Gabriel [Bulldozer / Gabriel Jones]
Member of the Howling Commandos. MOW
Bullock, Detective Clark [Bullock / ?]
Member of Gotham PD. BAT


Cable, Niles [Chief / Cable]
Leader of X-Patrol, possibly romantically involved with Elasti-Girl, recently crippled by Doctor Doomsday. From the future. Acquaintance of Bruce Wayne's, apparently knows a lot about Hydra. In DCU, the Chief is Niles Caulder, psychopathic and frequently wheelchair-bound leader of the Doom Patrol. EXP UNL XPT
See Project Cadmus. SPB
Canary [Black Canary / Mockingbird]
Member of JLA. The DCU duo of Green Arrow-Black Canary and the MU duo of Mockingbird-Goliath (Hawkeye) are combined here adequately but trivially. JLX
Cannonfire [Wildfire I / Cannonball]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Captain Marvel [Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) / Captain Marvel (Mar-vell)]
"Mar-vell". Member of JLA. Per cards, he is the child Billy Mar-vell, who shouts out the alien word "Kree" to be transformed to Captian Marvel. JLX UNL
Carter, Sharon [Lois Lane / Sharon Carter]
Reporter for Daily Planet. Thinks Kent (see Super-Soldier) is a "spineless worm". SUS
Castaglione, Ryan [none]
See Kanto. B&B
Castle, Frank
Incorrect. See Punisher.
Catsai [Catwoman / Elektra, Storm]
Elektra Kyle, an assassin. Ninja, also uses trained cats. Elektra's weapon of choice is the sai. Storm elements lie solely in story of childhood spent thieving in Cairo, and possibly ethnicity. Possible romantic involvements with Dark Claw, Bruce Wayne. ASN
Celestial [Marvel]
See Thorion the Celestial. THO
Cerebro [Marvel]
Used to track mutants by Magneto. A creation of Professor X in MU. M&M UNL
Challenger Haters of Evil [League of Challenger Haters / Masters of Evil]
Foes of the Challengers. Members include Diablo the Volcano Man, Radioactive Kra, Drabny the Fixer, Multi-Master, and Ultivac the Multi-Robot. COF
Challengers of the Fantastic [Challengers of the Unknown / Fantastic Four]
"The world's greatest death-cheaters!" Loosely affiliated with Project Cadmus. A brilliant combination of four members of the Chals with the four founding members of the FF. Note that two of the "Fantasti-Chals" are members of Cadmus, one is an agent of SHIELD, and one is a senator. See individual entries under Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Susan Storm, and Ben Grimm. COF SPB STU
Chameleon I & II [Chameleon Boy & Chameleon II / Chameleon]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I & II. STU
Chaos [Spitfire (Joshua Terrill) / Havok]
Joshua, member of JLX, brother to Apollo. UNL
Chemodam [Chemo / Modok]
Co-leader of the Sinister Society. MFM
Chronos-Tut, the Time Pharoh [Chronos / Rama-Tut / Richard Nixon (real)]
Kang's "real" identity. STU
Throwaway. Formed an "unholy alliance" with Professor Psycho, Panthera, and Giganta to battle Wonder Woman and Diana. See Greco-Roman myth. AMZ
Claw Copter [Batcopter / Blackbird]
Dark Claw's helicopter. CLW
Clawmobile [Batmobile / Wolverine elements]
Dark Claw's vehicle. ADV
Coast City [DC]
Home of Stark Aircraft. IRN
Cobalt [Gold? / Mastermind]
Member of the Magnetic Men. No obvious elements of Mastermind save the quote: "Cobalt -- the master gave you the best electronic mind..." His powers are similar to a great many characters, but MU's Vision and DCU's Red Tornado have been particularly noted. M&M MFM
Computo [DC]
Project Cadmus computer. From DCU's Legion of Super-Heroes. COF SPB
Comrade Grodd [Gorilla Grodd / Red Ghost elements]
Citizen of Gorilla City. COF
Congo-Red [Congorilla / Red Ghost elements]
Citizen of Gorilla City. COF
Connors, Doctor [Marvel]
Member of Project Cadmus and genetic source for King Lizard. In MU, transforms into the Lizard. SPB
Cornelius [Marvel]
Probable participant in project that created Dark Claw and Hyena. Partly responsible for Wolverine's former adamantium bones in MU. DC
Corto Maltese [DC]
Throwaway, destination of X-Patrol after battling Doctor Doomsday. Originally a non-DCU island created by Hugo Pratt, but pops up occasionally in DCU. XPT
Cosbie [Cosmo / Herbie]
An alien robot pet. COF
Credgerth []
"Scourge of Talos IV." UNL
Crime Alley [DC]
Where Hal Jordan and Uatu the Guardian were killed by Speed Demon I. In DCU, where Batman's parents were killed. SPD
Crystal Rod o' Stewart Doom [various]
Throwaway. Possible "Magic: The Gathering" ref. LOB
Cult of Brood [Cult of Blood / Brood]
Led by Brother Brood. EXP
Cult of Blood [DC]
Formerly led by Brother Brood. EXP
Cybercroc [Croc / Cyber]
Throwaway. ADV


D.N.Aliens [DC]
Various bio-creations of Project Cadmus. SPB
Daily Bugle [Marvel]
New York tabloid run by J. Jonah Jameson. Tana Moon, Pete Ross (see Spider-Boy), and Jack Ryder are on staff. SPB
Daily Planet [DC]
Newspaper, run by Jimmy Olsen. Super-Soldier is a reporter there. SUS
Danger Cave [Batcave / Danger Room]
Dark Claw's training room. ADV
Dare [Deathstroke / Daredevil, Black Cat?]
Slade Murdock, an assassin. Had artificial horns implanted by Big Question, who also apparently killed her recently. Lost one eye to Deadeye. Possibly has a mutant daughter, either Jericha (who Dare killed) or Terra-X. Only Black Cat element is a similarity of origin. Gender-change caused some stir on the rac* groups. Possible romantic involvement with Dark Claw. ASN
Dark Claw [Batman / Wolverine]
Logan (Logan Wayne, per cards), crimefighter, techno-wizard, painter, sportsman. Formerly embodied the crystal shard of the DC Universe. Has mutant healing factor and adamantium claws, which he has lost temporarily on at least one occasion. His sidekick is Sparrow, his arch-foe is the Hyena, and he received his powers in same "project" as him. Was paralyzed for an extended period in the past, after which he defeated his foe Warlord Gh'ul. Member of JLA. Possible romantic involvements with Catsai, Dare, Lady Talia. ASN ADV BAT BRW CLW JLX M&M MOW XPT
Dark Firebird [Fire / Dark Phoenix]
Former member of the Hellfire League of Injustice, killed by Fin Fang Flame. Presumably the mutant previously known as Firebird. UNL
Darkstar [Umbra?, Darkstar / Storm?, Darkstar]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II. STU
Dayspring, Niles [Jericho / X-Man]
Niles Cable's younger self from the future. Formerly disguised as Jericho. EXP
Deaddevil [Deadman / Daredevil]
Throwaway. EXP
Deadeye [Deadshot / Bullseye]
Former hitman, occasionally hired by Big Question. Killed by Catsai. ASN
Death Urge Overdrive [various]
What Sparrow wanted to be called. CLW
Deathbird, Amanda [Amanda Waller / Deathbird]
Throwaway. Leads the Imperial Suicide Squad. EXP
Deathborg [Cyborg I / Deathlok]
Member of the Sinister Society. Harnesses the power of promethium. MFM
Deathlok [Robin II / Deathlok]
Jason Todd, agent of Hydra. Used to wear the Moonwing suit until he nearly died at the hands of the Jackal. Killed by Nick Fury. Note that MU's Moon Knight had a partner who was killed to be revived as a cyborg. BRW
Detective Dinosaur [Detective Chimp / Devil Dinosaur]
Throwaway. MFM
Devilance the Storm Giant [Devilance / Storm Giants]
Throwaway. THO
Diablo, the Volcano Man [Volcano Man / Diablo]
Member of the Challenger Haters of Evil. COF
Dial H.U.S.K. [Dial "H" For Hero, Crazy Jane? / Husk]
Paige Guthrie, member of X-Patrol, possibly related to the late Torpedo. Her husk forms include Wonder-Girl, Polaris, Artemisty Knight, and Mary Marvel Girl. My choice for best combination of powers. EXP XPT
Diana [Wonder Woman / ?]
Rogue Amazon and rival to Wonder Woman, her adoptive sister. Often referred to as simply "Prince". Ex-wife of Punisher, mother of Kanto. The title of her former comic, Diana Prince, Freelance, is probably an homage to Jon Sable, Freelance.
Dino Four-Eyes [4-Eyes / Dino Manelli]
Member of the Howling Commandos. MOW
Dinosaur Island [DC]
Throwaway. JLX
Doc Alternity [Doctor Fate? / Eternity?]
Throwaway, "respun the Infinity Loop". STU
Doctor Bongface [Scarface / Doctor Bong]
Evil, silly-looking mastermind. LOB
Doctor Doomsday [Doomsday / Doctor Doom]
Victor Von Doom. Megalomaniac, rules nation of Latveria and/or Latkovia. Participant in Operation: Re-birth, responsible for the pivotal spacecraft crash that inspired the Challengers of the Fantastic. COF MOW SPB XPT
Doctor Strangefate [Doctor Fate / Doctor Strange, Professor X]
Charles Xavier. Powerful mutant mystic and puppetmaster, alleged manipulator of Big Question, aided on occasion by White Witch, Skulk, and Jade Nova, served by Myx. One of two people who know the Amalgam universe is not what it appears to be. (See also Access.) He's also utterly convinced the Amalgam Universe is the way things "should" be. Creator of X-League I. AA4 ASN BAT LOB STF
Doctor Whiplash [Doctor Polaris / Blacklash]
Throwaway. IRN
Donohue, Sallie Jesse [Sallie Jesse Raphael (real) / Phil Donohue (real)]
Throwaway, overly-cute. UNL
Donovan, Doctor Dabney [DC]
Manipulative, malevolent member of Project Cadmus. SPB
Doomnaut [Doomsday / Juggernaut]
Throwaway, foe of Super-Soldier's. SUS
Drabny the Fixer [Drabny / Fixer]
Member of the Challenger Haters of Evil. COF
Dream Crystal [Beautiful Dreamer / Crystal]
Member of the Un-People. In love with Johnny Storm. COF
Dream Date [Dream Girl / Destiny]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Dugan [Marvel]
Throwaway. UNL
Dubbilex, Professor [DC]
Throwaway. D.N.Alien and member of Project Cadmus. SPB


Easy Company [DC]
Throwaway. BAT CLW
Ego-Mass [The Wall around the Source / Ego the Living Planet]
Where the Promethean Giants were bound. THO
El Papamondo [El Papagaya / Mondo]
Throwaway. HEX
Elasti-Girl [Elasti-Girl / Wasp, Domino]
Janet Van Dyne, member of X-Patrol, possibly romantically involved with Niles Cable. EXP XPT
Enchanted Tigra [Tiggra (Orion's mother) / Enchantress]
Throwaway. THO
Evil Eye [Marvel]
Weapon of Scavulture. STU
Extreme Works [Extreme Justice / Force Works]
Throwaway. JLX


Fanelli, Federico Alfonse "Fat Freddy" []
Nose-candy peddler and "stone gangster" based out of Gotham. Killed by Bat-Thing. BAT
Fantasti-Wagon [Whiz Wagon / Fantasticar]
Way-cool mode of transportation for Spider-Boy and the Challengers. COF SPB
Fantastic Lad [Elastic Lad / Mister Fantastic]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Fantastic Legion [Legion of Super-Heroes / Fantastic Four]
Throwaway. JLX SPB
Fantastic Mountain [Challengers Mountain / Fantastic Four elements]
Adirondacks home of Project Cadmus and the Fantasti-Challs. COF STU
Feetal [DC]
Obscure anatidaean diety. LOB
Female Furies [DC]
Basically unchanged from DCU, save that Big Titania is now their leader and they serve Thanoseid. Includes Bernadeth, Lashina, Stompa, and Mad Harriet. B&B
Ferris, Pepper [Carol Ferris / Virginia "Pepper" Potts]
Employee of Stark Aircraft, daughter of Senator Ferris. See also Madame Sapphire. IRN
Ferris, Senator Harrington [Carl Ferris / ?]
Father of Pepper Ferris. IRN
Ferro Man [Ferro / Colossus]
Piotyr Rasputin, hideously ugly metal member of X-Patrol. Theorized as being responsible for an explosion that affected Dark Claw. Brother to Alexi Rasputin. EXP XPT
Fin Fang Flame [Brimstone / Fin Fang Foom]
Demonic dragon, presumed killed by the JLX. The alleged source of his power - the "techno-seed" - is the same as Brimstone's. UNL
Firebird [Fire / Phoenix]
Beatriz Gray, member of JLX. Contains elements of several incarnations of Phoenix. In love with Apollo, mirroring the Cyclops-Phoenix relationship. Possibly from an alternate future. Presumably transformed into Dark Firebird. JLX
Flash [DC]
Throwaway mentioned in JLX, dying thanks to Professor Kang. Possible former sidekick was Mercury, who "wasn't fast enough to help". JLX
Flying Stag, Wyatt [? / Wyatt Wingfoot]
Throwaway. COF
Four-Armed Thing [Four-Armed Terror / Thing, Galactus' Punisher robot]
Battle-form inflicted on Ben Grimm by Galactiac. COF
Forbush, Al [Al Gordon? / Irving Forbush]
Runs underground diner in Manhattan. LOB
Foster, Oberon [Oberon / Jane Foster]
Throwaway. THO
Free, Don [Mister Miracle (Scott Free) / Thor (Donald Blake)]
One of Thorion's civilian identities. THO
Free, Scott [DC]
Lover of Big Titania, died during the Secret Crisis. B&B
Frightful Five [Fatal Five / Frightful Four]
Enemies of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. Members include Tharlock, Valinus, Manorb, Agamotto Express, and Sparticus. STU
Frolic Frags
See Hyena. CLW
Fury, Nick [Marvel]
High-ranking agent of SHIELD, mentor to Bruce Wayne. BAT BRW


Gaea [both]
See Greco-Roman myth. B&B
Galactiac [Brainiac / Galactus]
World-devouring menace, defeated by the Challengers of the Fantastic. COF
Gamorola [? / Gamora]
Lust-interest for Lobo the Duck. LOB
Gardner [DC]
Aide to Senator Ferris. IRN
Garrick, Jay [DC]
Deceased, possibly a super-hero. One of the Souls of Power. See Speed Demon I and footnote 1. SPD
General Annihilus [General Zod / Annihilus]
Throwaway. STU
Generation Hex [Jonah Hex / Generation X]
Outlaw band of mutants in the American Old West. Members include Jono Hex, Madame Banshee, Johnny Random, Skinhunter, White Whip, Retribution, and the Twins Trigger. HEX
Genosha [Marvel]
African island where Sinistron's citadel is located. M&M
Germanic Myth [both]
Germanic (or Norse) myth is mostly the domain of Marvel (e.g., Thor), but both sides of the Amalgam coin have dabbled in it. THO
Giganta [DC]
Throwaway. Formed an "unholy alliance" with Professor Psycho, Panthera, and Circe to battle Wonder Woman and Diana. AMZ
Godthing [various]
Throwaway. LOB
Gold Kidney-Lady [don't know, don't wanna know]
Evil mastermind (mistressmind?). LOB
Goliath [Green Arrow / Goliath]
"Ollie". Member of JLA. The DCU duo of Green Arrow-Black Canary and the MU duo of Mockingbird-Goliath (Hawkeye) are combined here adequately but trivially. JLX
Gordanians [DC]
Throwaway. Spider-Boy allegedly rescued Shatterstarfire from them. Probably the same rescue as when he brought her from Tamojoran. XPT
Gorilla City [DC]
City inhabited by sentient gorillas, in or near Wakanda. Currently run by the "Commies", Kragoff is Secretary of State. Also known as "Gorillagrad". COF
Gotham Bugle [Gotham Gazette / Daily Bugle]
New Gotham newspaper, probably run by J. Jonah White. Note that both the Gotham Gazette and the Daily Bugle exist in the AU in their own right. ASN
Gotham City [DC]
Unclear if this is the same city as New Gotham. ASN BAT SPD
Gotham Gazette [DC]
Sabotaged by Hyena. CLW
Granny Gullin, the Boar God [Granny Goodness / ?]
Throwaway. THO
Granny Harkness [Granny Goodness / Agatha Harkness]
Runs an "orphanage" on Apokolips. B&B
Gravitoninoutometer []
World-shattering device used my Gold Kidney-Lady. LOB
Great White [Shark / Ultimo?, Orca?]
Giant android foe of Iron Lantern. IRN
Greco-Roman Myth [Both]
GRM plays a stronger role in DCU than MU, but is in no way either's "property". Wonder Woman, in particular, draws heavily upon it. AMZ & others
Green Goblin [Two-Face / Green Goblin]
See Two-Faced Goblin. SPD
Green Guardsman [Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) / Guardsman I]
Kyle O'Brien, former "stand-in" for Iron Lantern. IRN
Green K [Kryptonite]
Strange unearthly metal, which can be used as a power source (see Ultra-Metallo), to make K-Bombs, or to prolong life (see Green Skull). Use of K-Bombs during WW2 has blanketed the Earth with their radiation, to which only Super-Soldier is susceptible. Also called the "Kansas Lode". SUS
Green Skull [Lex Luthor / Red Skull]
Allied scientist and war profiteer during WW2, responsible for K-Bombs that ended the war and Ultra-Metallo. Prolonged his life through injection of Green K, which turned his skin bright green and gave him a skull-like appearance. Head of Hydra, father of Selina Luthor, formerly married to Lois Luthor. Has been reported dead on at least one occasion. Recently captured by Super-Soldier after his attempt to destroy Washington with the reactivated Ultra-Metallo. BRW LOB MOW SUS
Grimm, Senator Ben "Rocky" [Rocky / Thing]
Two-fisted senator and member of the Challengers of the Fantastic. COF SPB STU
Growing Boy [Colossal Boy / Growing Man]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Guardian Angel [Guardian / Angel (Golden Age)]
See Doctor Tom Harper. COF SPB
Guardians [Guardians of The Universe / Watchers]
Responsible for destroying the Starbrand Corps. SPD
Gyrich [Marvel]
Aide to Senator Ferris. IRN


Hand [Marvel]
Generic ninja organization. B&B
Hall of Justice [DC]
Mythical place where dead heroes go. From the non-canon DCU spinoff, Superfriends. STU
Harper, Doctor Tom [Guardian / Angel (Golden Age)]
Director of Project Cadmus. Used to be hero Guardian Angel. COF SPB
Hawk and Dagger [Hawk and Dove / Cloak and Dagger]
Throwaway duo. "He" (probably Hawk) apparently killed "her" (probably Dagger), then went "psycho-mon" (reference to DCU Monarch). EXP STU
Hawkeye [Green Arrow / Hawkeye]
"Mr. Barton". Member of JLA. No GA elements but costume color. JLX
Hawkhawk [Hawkman, various / Hawkeye, various]
Throwaway. LOB
H.E.C.T.O.R. [Hector Hammond / Modok]
The Highly Evolved Creature Totally Oriented on Revenge (or "focused Totally On Revenge"). IRN
Heimron [Metron / Heimdall]
Throwaway. THO
Helicarrier [Marvel]
SHIELD's flying HQ. Destroyed by Fin Fang Flame. BRW CLW
Hellfire League of Injustice [Injustice League / Hellfire Club]
Foes of JLX, killed by Fin Fang Flame. Members included Savage Shaw, Lord Maxwell, Mistress Maxima, and Dark Firebird. UNL
Hellstrom, Father [Marvel]
In AU, performed Iris and Blaze Allen's (see Speed Demon I) wedding service. SPD
See Greco-Roman myth. AMZ
Hex, Jono [Jonah Hex / Chamber]
Leader of Generation Hex. HEX
Hexions [Jonah Hex / Hellions]
Throwaway, once led by Madame Banshee. Also appears as "Hellions", but that's a typo. HEX
Hines [Marvel]
Probable participant in project that created Dark Claw and Hyena. Secretary for the experiment that created Wolverine in MU. CLW
Hippolyta, Queen [DC]
Queen of Themyscira. AMZ
Howard the Mxztplx [Mister Mxyzptlk / Howard the Duck]
Throwaway. BAT
Howling Commandos [Easy Company / Howling Commandos]
Elite WW2 fighting unit. Led by Sergeant Rock, members include Wildman Percy, Little Dum-Dum, Bulldozer Gabriel, Ice-Cream Cohen, Rebel Farmer, and Dino Four-Eyes. MOW
Human Lantern [Green Lantern (Alan Scott) / Human Torch (Jim Hammond)]
Member of the All-Star Winners Squadron, and a lousy cook. IRN MOW
Humanity [It's a symbol, okay?]
Town in the American Old West, destroyed by the Razormen. HEX
Huntress I [Huntress / Ms. Marvel]
Carol Danvers, rogue agent of a US "black ops" directorate. CLW
Huntress II [Huntress, Batgirl / Huntress (Mockingbird), Black Cat]
"Barbara" (Barbara Gordon, per cards), agent of SHIELD, romantically involved with Bruce Wayne. Referred to as "Black Bat" on trading cards. BRW
Hyde [Marvel]
Throwaway. THO
Hydra [Marvel]
International cartel run by Green Skull. BRW MOW SUS
Hydra Base Omega [Marvel]
HQ for Hydra. Destroyed. BRW
Hyena [Joker, Lobo, Harley Quinn / Sabretooth]
Arch-foe of Dark Claw, received powers in same "project" as him. His gang is called the Pack. Only Lobo elements are his explosives named "frolic frags" and general attitude. Only HQ element is his real name, Creed H. Quinn. Creed is Sabretooth's name, but Joker's is unrevealed (Batman movie notwithstanding). HQ is a sidekick of the Joker's from the animated Batman series. ADV CLW


Ice-Cream Cohen [Ice Cream Soldier / Izzy Cohen]
Member of the Howling Commandos. MOW
Iceberg [Ice / Iceman]
Member of JLX. See also Icebreaker. UNL
Imperial Suicide Squad [Suicide Squad / Imperial Guard]
Led by Amanda Deathbird. EXP
Impossible Dawg [Dawg / Impossible Man]
Lobo the Duck's main mutt. Do I really have to ID the forms he changes into? LOB
Impossible Mod [Mad Mod / Impossible Man]
Responsible for the most recent deaths of the Magnetic Men. MFM
Inertron [DC]
Super-tough metal. Utilized by Vance Cosmic 3. Appears as "inerton" in the comic, but I'll assume that's a typo. MFM
Infant Mite Terrible [Bat-Mite / Infant Terrible]
Throwaway. COF
Infinite Kickers, Inc. [Infinity Inc. / Kickers, Inc. (New Universe)]
Team of professional athletes in Universe-Two. COF
Infinity Essence [? / Infinity Gems]
The power containied in a Mother Cube. THO
Infinity Links [Anti-Life Formula? / Infinity Gems]
Weapon capable of imposing universal order, allegedly destroyed to thwart Thanoseid. Why "links"? I don't know. B&B
Infinity Loop [? / Infinity Gems]
"Respun" by Doc Alternity, which apparently rebooted reality. Presumably connected with the Infinity Links and the Secret Crisis. STU
Infinity, the Beta-Ray Man [Infinity Man / Beta-Ray Bill]
Throwaway. THO
Insect Queen [Mary Jane Watson / Insect Queen]
Doctor Octavius' friend's friend's daughter, has a date with Spider-Boy impending at the end of SPB, and a wedding looming at the end of STU. MJW married Spider-Man, and IQ was Lana Lang, one of the Silver Age Superboy's romantic interests. Her one line in SPB is a wonderful homage to MJW's first line. SPB STU
Insectobots []
Destruction/intelligence-gathering devices created by Will Magnus. MFM
Invisible Force-Field Belt [Force Field Belt / Invisible Force Field]
Protection device occasionally used by the Challengers. COF SPB
Invisible Girl I & II [Invisible Kid II & IV / Invisible Girl]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I & II. Number I is based on DCU Jacques Foccart, I think. STU
Iris [DC]
Speed Demon I's dead wife. One of the Souls of Power. Flash II's widow in DCU. SPD
Iriskani [Iris Allen / Askani]
Helped Mercury escape to the future. UNL
Iron [Iron / Unus]
Member of the Magnetic Men. No obvious Unus elements save symbol on buckle. (Per cards, he has a magnetic force field that makes him untouchable.) M&M MFM
Iron Lantern [Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) / Iron Man (Tony Stark)]
Hal Stark, the armored emerald gladiator. Hal Stark has two brothers, Jim and Jack, same as Hal Jordan, and Jim has a wife named Bethany, a supporting character from Iron Man. IRN


Jackal [Joker / Jackal?]
Possibly incorrect. The writer may have intended for this to be the Hyena. In DCU, the Joker killed Jason Todd, Robin II. BRW
Jade Nova [Jade?, Fire?, Green Lantern / Nova (Frankie Raye)]
Frankie Rayner, agent of Doctor Strangefate. Her soul was once held by Mephisatanus. The Fire similarities, though overwhelming, are allegedly not intentional. STF
Jameson, J. Jonah [Marvel]
Runs Daily Bugle. Note that there is also a J. Jonah White. SPB
Jericha [Jericho / Elektra?]
Throwaway. Killed by Dare, who might have been her mother. ASN
Jericho [Jericho / X-Man, Thing]
Alias used by Niles Dayspring. EXP
JLX [Justice League / various "X" teams]
Led by Mister X, current members include Nightcreeper, Apollo, Runaway, Chaos, Iceberg, and Amazon. Former members include Mercury, Firebird, Wraith, and former leader Mariner. All but Mister X, Iceberg, and Chaos were members of the Judgment League. JLX UNL
Jocasta [Platinum / Jocasta, Sentinels]
Sentinel created by Will Magnus and in love with him. Temporarily destroyed by Wraith. JLX UNL
Johnny Stormtrooper [Scrapper-Trooper / Human Torch]
Miniature clone of Johnny Storm and honorary Challenger. Died battling Galactiac. Proof that Amalgam authors know no shame in their silliness. COF SPB
Jones, John [Martian Manhunter / Blade]
"John Jones, Vampire Hunter". Throwaway. CLW
Jones, Snapper [Snapper Carr / Rick Jones]
Human identity of Bismuth. MFM
Jordan, Hal [DC]
In AU, last survivor of the Starbrand Corps, killed by Speed Demon I. SPD
Jubilee [Marvel]
Incorrect. See Sparrow. CLW
Judgment League Avengers [Justice League / Avengers]
Members include Captain Marvel, Angelhawk, Hawkeye, Super-Soldier, Dark Claw, Goliath, Canary. Former members include several of the mutants in JLX. Probable members include Blue Jacket, Wonder-Gold, and Red Vision. Sub-groups include "JLA Int." (from DCU Justice League International), and "JLA West" (from MU Avengers West Coast). JLX SUS M&M UNL
Jupiter, Gideon [Mister Jupiter / Gideon]
Possible sponsor for Spider-Boy-Insect Queen wedding. STU


See Green K. SUS
Ka-zar [Marvel]
Ruler of Skartaris. In MU, rules the Savage Land. SPB
Kalibak [DC]
A Promethean Giant. THO
Kalmaku, Happy [Tom "Pieface" Kalmaku / Harold "Happy" Hogan]
Employee of Stark Aircraft. IRN
Kang, the Time Conqueror [Time Trapper / Kang]
Would-be omniversal conqueror. "Real" identity is Chronos-Tut. STU
Kansas Lode
See Green K. SUS
Kanto [DC]
Son of Diana and Punisher, Thanoseid's master assassin. AU origin taken from Darkseid's treatment of Validus in the DCU. B&B
Kid Armpit, Kid Around, Kid Stuff, Waco Kid, Wacky Kid, Kid Knee, Buck Nekkid, Kidda Kidder, Kid Kalamity, Kid-U-Not, Kid Zarrus [various]
Throwaways. LOB
Kid Demon
Unsupported. See Speed Demon II.
Kidnoids []
Servants of Gold Kidney-Lady. LOB
King Lizard [King Shark / Lizard]
Foe of Spider-Boy, originally Doctor Connors' right arm, combined with reptile DNA. SPB
Knight, Artemisty [Artemis / Misty Knight]
"The bionic Amazon archer" with "cyber-demonic accuracy". [giggle] See Dial H.U.S.K. EXP
Kokoro [Katana / Psylocke]
Mutant ninja, captured by Sinistron. Possible romantic involvement with Nightcreeper or Angelhawk. M&M UNL
Kord Inc. [DC]
High-tech manufacturer of superhuman restraint devices. In DCU, owned by Blue Beetle II. STU
Kragoff [Marvel]
Secretary of State for Gorilla City, also known as the Red Ghost. COF
Krakoa, the Living Dinosaur Island [Dinosaur Island / Krakoa]
Former hiding place for Will Magnus. MFM
Kree [Marvel]
See Skrull. JLX
Kultron [Kobra / Ultron]
Member of the Sinister Society. Harnesses the power of adamantium. HEX MFM


L'ok D'saad [Desaad / Loki]
Bartered son of All-Highfather Odin, servant of Thanoseid, half-brother to Thorion. Died by his own hand while trying to manipulate a Mother Cube. Also called L'ok Desaad, but that's a typo. THO
Lady Bug I & II [Shrinking Violet I & III / Wasp]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I & II. STU
Lady Talia [Talia / Lady Deathstrike]
Daughter of Ra's-A-Pocalypse, foe of, and lover of, Dark Claw. ADV
See Female Furies. B&B
Latkovia [Markovia / Latveria]
Ruled by Doctor Doomsday, apparently home to the Tyranoids. COF M&M
Latveria [Zandia? / Latveria]
Also ruled by Doctor Doomsday. Consistency, people! In MU, Latveria is not an island. XPT
'Lectron [Live Wire II / Electro, Electron?]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II. STU
Leech, Rex [DC]
Spider-Boy's agent, presumably Roxy Leech's father. SPB STU
Leech, Roxy [DC]
Member of New York's Special Crimes Unit, presumably Rex Leech's daughter. SPB
Legion Anti-Grav Ring [Legion Flight Ring / Wizard's Anti-Grav Discs?]
The only way to fly for the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II. STU
Legion of Evil Mutants [Legion of Super-Villains / Brotherhood of Evil Mutants]
Throwaway. XPT
Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I [Legion of Super-Heroes (pre-boot) / Guardians of the Galaxy]
Pre-boot superhero team of the future. Members include Vance Cosmic I, Psi-Girl I, Living Lightning Lad, Universe Boy I, Molecule Lad, Bouncing Ball, Fantastic Lad, Chameleon I, Phantom Cat I, Shadowstar, Star Charlie, Timberwolf by Night, Paste-Eater Pete, Invisible Girl I, Dream Date, Lady Bug I, Growing Boy, Multiple Maid, Cannonfire, Sun Lord, Living Lightning Lass, and Martinex 5 I. The four characters depicted in the post-chronal collapse "five years later" future are adult versions of Living Lightning Lad, Chameleon I, Lady Bug I, and (probably) Multiple Maid. For discussion of the complex history of DC's Legion of Super-Heroes, consult rec.arts.comics.dc.lsh. STU
Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II [Legion of Super-Heroes (post-boot) / Guardians of the Galaxy]
Post-boot superhero team of the future. Members include Vance Cosmic II, Psi-Girl II, 'Lectron, Sparkler, Universe Boy II, Martinex 5 II, Myriad, Chameleon II, Living Colossus, Lady Bug II, Invisible Girl II, Phoenetix, Xcel, Nucleus, Mass, Darkstar, and Phantom Cat II. Note that the LoGG seen as the "Yancy Legion" are slightly different from LoGG2 (minor costume elements, their different knowledge of Spider-Boy's history, and Spider-Boy 2099 being a member), and may in fact constitute a third Legion. "Sternsel", are you trying to drive me to drink? STU
Lenny's []
Bar and grill in Gotham. ADV
Lethal [Cheetah / Kraven]
Hunter occasionally hired by Big Question. Killed by Dare and Catsai. ASN
Likho [? / Loki]
Throwaway. EXP
Limbo [both]
Extra-worldly dimension. STU
Little Dum-Dum [Little Sure Shot / "Dum-Dum" Dugan]
Member of the Howling Commandos. MOW
Living Colossus [Leviathan II / It, the Living Colossus]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II. STU
Living Lightning Lad [Lightning Lad / Living Lightning]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Living Lightning Lass [Lightning Lass / Living Lightning]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Lobo the Duck [Lobo / Howard the Duck]
He's... he's Lobo the Duck, okay? BAT LOB
See Dark Claw. CLW
Lord Maxwell [Maxwell Lord / Cameron Hodge]
Maxwell Hodge, former member of the Hellfire League of Injustice, killed by Fin Fang Flame. UNL
Lord Nimrod [Lord Havoc / Nimrod]
Throwaway, leads the X-tremists. Apparently connected to Firebird's origin. JLX
Lumpkin, Tino [Tino Ryan / Willie Lumpkin]
The Challengers' mailman and Johnny Storm's half-brother. COF
Luthor, Lex
See Green Skull. MOW SUS
Luthor, Lois [DC]
Wife to Lex Luthor, presumed deceased. MOW
Luthor, Selina [Catwoman / Viper]
Daughter of Green Skull and temporary leader of Hydra. Possibly deceased. BRW


M'Kryptaan [Kryptonite / M'Kraan Crystal]
Throwaway, apparently a powerful type of crystal. M&M
M-Parasiteplate [Parasite / Emplate]
Throwaway. HEX
MacTaggert, Mrs. [Marvel (Moira MacTaggert)?]
Beastling's first grade teacher. XPT
Mad Harriet
See Female Furies. B&B
Madame Banshee [Madame 44 / Banshee]
Member of Generation Hex. HEX
Madame Cat
Unsupported. See Selina Luthor.
Madame Sapphire [Star Sapphire / Madame Masque]
Alternate, evil identity of Pepper Ferris. IRN
Maddox, Hugworth A. "Huggy" []
Middle-level drug dealer based out of Gotham. Killed by Bat-Thing. BAT
Mademoiselle Peggy [Mademoiselle Marie / Peggy Carter]
French resistance fighter and spy. MOW
MagneMorpho [Metamorpho / Magneto]
Former ID of Magneto. MFM
Magnetic Men [Metal Men / Brotherhood of Evil Mutants]
Creations of Magneto. Members include Cobalt, Nickel, Antimony, Bismuth, and Iron. Made in the image of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Their various civilian IDs are based on similar IDs given to the DCU Metal Men in the late 60s. HEX IRN M&M MFM
Magneto [Doc Magnus / Magneto]
Erik Magnus, creator and leader of the Magnetic Men, brother to Will Magnus. Arch-rival to Mister X. Former leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. HEX IRN JLX M&M MFM XPT
Magnetometers [Responsometers / Magneto elements]
CPU of the Magnetic Men. MFM
Magnus, Will [Doc Magnus / Bolivar Trask]
Creator of the Sentinels, Jocasta, and Sinistron. Psychopathic hater of mutants. JLX M&M MFM
Major Zemo [Iron Major / Baron Zemo]
Evil Nazi scientist. MOW
Makoa, Captain Sam [DC]
Leader of New York Special Crimes Unit. SPB
Malcolm, Doctor [none?]
Deceased friend to Wonder Woman's parents. AMZ
Malone, Patch [Matches Malone / Patch]
One of Dark Claw's aliases. ADV
Mandarinestro [Sinestro / Mandarin]
Mastermind and foe of Iron Lantern. IRN
Mangog [Marvel]
A Promethean Giant. THO
Manorb [Mano / Orb]
Member of the Frightful Five. STU
Mariner [Aquaman / Namor]
King of Atlantis and first among mutants. AKA "Aquamariner" and "Aqua-Mariner". Former member of the All-Star Winners Squadron, former co-leader of JLX, currently an exile from Atlantis. COF IRN JLX MOW UNL
Martinex 5 I & II [Brainiac 5 I & III / Martinex]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I & II. STU
Mary Marvel Girl [Mary Marvel / Marvel Girl]
See Dial H.U.S.K. XPT
Mass [Star Boy II / Mass Master?]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II. STU
Masters, June [June Robbins / Alicia Masters]
Blind robot expert and honorary Challenger. COF
Medusa Moonrider [Mark Moonrider / Medusa]
Member of the Un-People. COF THO
Mephisatanus [Satanus / Mephisto]
Foe of Doctor Strangefate and Jade Nova. STF
Mephisto [Marvel]
Throwaway. Alleged ruler of Apokolips. M&M
Mephiston [Neron / Mephisto]
Throwaway. UNL
Mercury [Impulse / Quicksilver]
Possible former sidekick of Flash. Former member of JLX, "currently" in the future with Iriskani. JLX UNL
Merlin [both]
Wizard (apparently) responsible for creating both Speed Demons (see Speed Demon I & II). Described as "evil incarnate". SPD
Metamimic [Metamorpho / Mimic]
Throwaway. JLX
Metamutants [Metahumans / Mutants]
Gussied-up word for "mutant". UNL
Metropolis [DC]
Former home of the All-Star Winners Squadron. BRW MOW
Microstar Micronauts [? / Micronauts]
Throwaway. EXP
See Greco-Roman myth. XPT
Miss Miracle [Mister Miracle / Crystal]
Member of the Quentin Carnival. SPD
Mister Immortus [General Immortus / Mister Immortal, Immortus?]
Throwaway, runs concentration camps in the future. XPT
Mister Mastermind [Mister Mind / Mastermind]
Sometime aide to Magneto. MFM STU UNL
Mister X [Martian Manhunter / Professor X, Bishop, Skrull]
J'onn J'onzz, alias Marco Xavier. Possibly an ex-member of the JLA, which contradicts Mariner's description "never been anything but a crimelord". Co-leader of JLX. Arch-rival is Magneto. Only Bishop element is "M" on his face, which presumably stands for "Martian", as he is explicitly not a mutant. Note that the Martian Manhunter already has shapeshifting and telepathy, so folding in Prof. X and making him a Skrull is redundant, power-wise! Also, in one of those bits of synchronicity that Amalgam authors sacrifice virgins for, "Marco Xavier" is an old alias of MM's, and "Marko" is the last name of Prof. X's adoptive father. When looking human, he resembles Tony Stark, but there's no evidence that's significant. JLX M&M UNL
Mistress Death [Death? / Death]
No real evidence for inclusion of DCU Death, especially since she isn't Thanoseid's type. B&B
Mistress Maxima [Maxima / Selene?]
Former member of the Hellfire League of Injustice, killed by Fin Fang Flame. UNL
Molecule Lad [Element Lad I / Molecule Man]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Monarch [Monarch / War Machine]
Formerly Jim Rhodes, formerly "close" to Diana. Apparently involved in the kidnapping of Ryan Castiglione. Called War Monarch in ad copy; Punisher may simply have been abbreviating. B&B
Mongslaught [Mongul / Onslaught]
Throwaway. UNL
Montoya, Detective Christine [Montoya / ?]
Member of Gotham PD. BAT
Moon, Tana [DC]
Reporter for Daily Bugle. SPB
Moonwing [Nightwing / Moon Knight]
Dick Grayson, agent of SHIELD. Per cards, he is a split personality, with the other two being Tim Drake, crimefighter, and Marc Spector, mercenary. BRW
Mother Cube [Mother Box / Cosmic Cube]
Source of immense power. COF SPB THO
Ms. Tique [? / Mystique]
Throwaway. Mother to Runaway, possible leader of Brotherhood of Injustice. No obvious DCU source, but DC did publish Ms. Tree for a while.... JLX
Multi-Master [Multi-Man / Puppet Master]
Challengers foe, father to June Masters, creator of Ultivac the Multi-Robot. Member of the Challenger Haters of Evil. Appears as "Multi-Masters" in comic and "Multi-Master" in lettercol; I went with the latter. COF
Multiple Maid [Triplicate Girl / Multiple Man]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Murdock, Alicia [none / Alicia Masters, Daredevil]
Throwaway, "little blind girl". BAT
Myriad [Triad II / Multiple Man]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II. STU
Mystallo [Metallo / Mysterio]
Throwaway. Foe of Spider-Boy's. SPB
Mysteriomen [? / Mysterio]
Throwaway. STU
Mystery Clone Anti-Defamation League [none]
Throwaway, unsupported. SPB
Myx [Mister Mxyzptlk / Wong, Nyx]
Servant to Doctor Strangefate, apparently extra-dimensional in origin. STF


Nabu the Ancient One [Nabu / Ancient One]
Teacher of Doctor Strangefate and former Lord Supreme of Order. STF
Neron-Claw [Neron / Satan Claw]
Weapon of Scavulture. STU
New Asgard [New Genesis / Asgard]
Ruled by All Highfather Odin, home of the New Asgods. See Germanic myth. B&B THO
New Asgods [New Gods / Asgardians]
Natives of New Asgard. THO
New Gotham [Gotham (DC) / New York (real)]
Note that Gotham City and New York exist in the AU in their own right. STF
Nichols, Carter [DC]
Possible participant in project that created Dark Claw and Hyena. CLW
Nickel [Mercury / Quicksilver]
Member of the Magnetic Men. M&M MFM
Night Spectre [Spectre / Nightmare]
Evil entity seeking the Souls of Power. Arch-foe of Speed Demon I. SPD
Nightcreeper [Creeper / Nightcrawler]
"Jack". Claims to have "never had a life". Possibly connected to Jack Ryder. Member of JLX. Possible romantic involvement with Kokoro or Angelhawk. JLX
Nightgate [Nighthawk / Gateway]
Throwaway. HEX
Ninth Metal [DC]
Anti-gravity metal. Utilized by Black Vulture. MFM
Nucleus [Element Lad II / Molecule Man]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II. STU
Nuke [Bane / Nuke]
Agent of Hydra. Uses Venom to boost his strength. Killed by Bruce Wayne. BRW


Oa, the Living Planet [Oa / Ego the Living Planet]
Iron Lantern's "mentor". IRN THO
O'Brien, Kyle [Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern) / Kevin O'Brien (Guardsman I)]
Aide to Senator Ferris, formerly the Green Guardsman. IRN
Octavius, Doctor Otto [Marvel]
Friend and mentor to Spider-Boy and member of Project Cadmus. No changes from MU, except that the real Doc Ock is a criminal psychopath. COF SPB STU
Offending Society [JSA / Avengers]
Throwaway. LOB
Olsen, Jimmy [Jimmy Olsen / Bucky]
Cub reporter during WW2, assigned to cover exploits of Super-Soldier. Currently chief of Daily Planet. Note that there is also a Jimmy Urich. SUS
See Greco-Roman myth. AMZ
Omega Beams [DC]
Power of Thanoseid's capable of destruction and bending time and space. B&B
Omega Beast [KGBeast / Omega Red]
Throwaway. ADV
Omega Guard [Omega Men / Imperial Guard]
Throwaway. COF
100, The [DC]
Throwaway. IRN
Operation: Re-birth [Marvel]
Project that created Spider-Boy. SPB
Orion [DC]
Son of Thanoseid, died in the Secret Crisis, rode the Astro-Glider. Resurrected as Thorion. B&B
See Wonder Woman. AMZ
O'Ryan, Sigurd [Orion / Thor]
Asgodian expert, and possibly one of Thorion's civilian IDs. COF


Pack [none]
Hyena's gang. CLW
Palmer, Doctor Ray [DC]
Member of Project Cadmus, creator of the White Dwarf Prototype. The second Atom in DCU. Making him and Pym labmates is wonderful fun. SPB
Panthera [Pantha? / ?]
Throwaway. Formed an "unholy alliance" with Professor Psycho, Circe, and Giganta to battle Wonder Woman and Diana. AMZ
Parademons [DC]
Minions of Thanoseid. B&B
Paradise Island [DC]
See Themyscira. B&B
Parker, Peter [Marvel]
Deceased scientist instrumental in the creation of Spider-Boy, and probably his genetic source as well. (Latter from similarities in Spider-Boy's and Superboy's origins.) Protege of Doctor Octavius. SPB
Paste-Eater Pete [Matter-Eater Lad / Paste-Pot Pete]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Phantom Cat I & II [Phantom Girl & Apparition II / Shadowcat]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I & II. Number II might have some DCU Phantom Lady elements in there, also. STU
Phantom-Negative Zone [Phantom Zone / Negative Zone]
Alternate dimension, used for storage of critically wounded Spider-Boy 2099. SPB STU
Phantom-Negative Zone Projector [Phantom Zone / Negative Zone]
How one gets into the Phantom-Negative Zone. Runs on 220 AC. Appears as a "protector" in SPB, but this is a typo. SPB STU
Phoenetix [Kinetix / Phoenix]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II. STU
Planetsmasher [none]
Program activated by Green Skull before his apparent death at the hands of Selina Luthor. Designed to thwart Super-Soldier by destroying the East Coast of the USA. BRW
Polaris [Doctor Polaris / Polaris]
Costume is DrP's old costume, but gender and "subtitle" are from the MU Polaris. See Dial H.U.S.K. XPT
See Greco-Roman myth. AMZ
Prez: Master of Kung Fu [Prez / Shang-chi, Master of Kung Fu]
Throwaway. EXP
Prince Namor the Aqua-Man [Aquaman / Namor]
Throwaway. CLW
Prince, Diana
See Diana. AMZ B&B
Professor Kang [Professor Zoom / Kang]
Throwaway, responsible for Flash's current state of ill-health. JLX
Professor Psycho [Doctor Psycho / various]
Throwaway. Formed an "unholy alliance" with Panthera, Circe, and Giganta to battle Wonder Woman and Diana. AMZ
Project Cadmus [DC]
They just love to clone things.... Also known as the Cadmus D.N.A. Project. Note that some Cadmusites are members of the Challengers of the Fantastic, but the two sets are not identical; they merely overlap. SPB STU
Promethean Giants [DC]
"The architects of the end day." Formerly bound to the Ego-Mass. THO
Promethium [DC]
Invulnerable metal. Utilized by Deathborg. MFM
Psi-Girl I & II [Saturn Girl I & III / Psylocke I & II]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I & II. STU
Puck [Oberon / Puck]
Member of the Quentin Carnival. SPD
Punisher [Steve Trevor / Punisher]
Trevor Castle, ex-husband to Diana, father of Kanto, previous family killed by the Mafia. Occasionally called simply "Castle". Erroneously referred to as "Frank Castle" in ad copy. AMZ B&B
Pym Particles [Marvel]
See Doctor Pym. SPB
Pym, Doctor Hank [Marvel]
Member of Project Cadmus. Creator of Pym Particles, which make things bigger. Various super-hero identities in MU, but responsible for several heroes with growth power. See Palmer. SPB


Quasimodox [Vril Dox II / Quasimodo]
Co-leader of the Sinister Society. MFM
Quentin Carnival []
Home to Speed Demon I, Speed Demon II, Blob, Puck, and Miss Miracle. SPD
Quinn, Creed H.
See Hyena. CLW


Ra's-A-Pocalypse [Ra's Al Ghul / Apocalypse]
Father of Lady Talia, apparently killed by Dark Claw. ADV
Radioactive Kra [Kra the Living Robot / Radioactive Man]
Member of the Challenger Haters of Evil. COF
Ragnarok [both]
Twilight of the gods, the Apocalypse, the end days, Armageddon. See Germanic myth. THO
Rainbow Chair [Mobius Chair / Rainbow Bridge]
Throwaway. THO
Random, Johnny [Johnny Thunder II / Random]
Member of Generation Hex. HEX
Rasputin, Alexi [Ferro's brother / Colossus' brother]
Brother to FerroMan. In MU, Colossus' brother is a very powerful and very deluded mutant. In DCU, Ferro's brother is also unbearably ugly. XPT
Raveniya [Raven / Aliya]
Indeterminate. May be a person from Niles Cable's past, may be one of Dial H.U.S.K.'s forms, may be both. AKA Trijenskot. EXP
Razormen [Scissormen / Sentinels]
Anti-malform creations of "Bat" Trask. Note influence of "Scud the Disposable Assassin" in their design (thanks, Jess!). HEX
Rebel Farmer [Farmer Boy / "Rebel" Ralston]
Member of the Howling Commandos. MOW
Red Vision [Red Tornado II / Vision]
Throwaway, probable member of JLA. UNL
Retribution [Firehair / Penance]
Member of Generation Hex. HEX
Rhodes, Stewart [John Stewart (Green Lantern) / James Rhodes (Iron Man, War Machine)]
Employee of Stark Aircraft. IRN
Rhomann Sur [Abin Sur / Centurion Rhomann Dey]
Alien who brought power battery to Iron Lantern. IRN
Richards, Professor Reed "Prof" [Prof / Mister Fantastic]
Scientific genius and member of Project Cadmus and the Challengers of the Fantastic. COF SPB STU
Richmond, Lucius [Lucius Fox / Kyle Richmond]
Human identity of Cobalt. MFM
Ritz-Carwald [Ritz-Carlton (real) / Carlin (DC) / Gruenwald (Marvel)]
Hotel, presumably. STU
Rogers, Clark
Incorrect. See Super-Soldier.
Rolling Doors [Rolling Stones (real) / Doors (real)]
"Silliness of silliness, all is silliness." MFM
Ross, General "Thunderbolt" [Marvel]
Adoptive uncle (?) to Spider-Boy, and responsible for Operation: Re-birth. Also a participant in the project that created Super-Soldier. Deceased. SPB STU
Ross, Pete [Pete Ross / General Ross, Peter Parker]
See Spider-Boy. SPB
Roxxon [Marvel]
Oil company. Mariner was framed for destroying some of their tankers by Will Magnus. JLX
Runaway [Gypsy / Rogue]
Member of JLX. Former member of the Brotherhood of Injustice, mother is Ms. Tique. In love with Wraith, mirroring MU Rogue-Gambit relationship. Becoming "darker" in personality due to Wraith's darkness. No obvious Gypsy elements save earrings, sash, and the fact that "Runaway", "Gypsy", and "Rogue" are fairly close together in the thesaurus. JLX UNL
Rutabaga, Daryl [? / ?]
Brother to Jonas Turnip. LOB
Ryder, Jack [DC]
Reporter for Daily Bugle. Possibly connected to Nightcreeper. In DCU, the Creeper. SPB


Sallis, Francie-Ellen [Francine Langstrom / Ellen Sallis]
Bat-Thing's wife - or, arguably, widow. BAT
Sallis, Kelly [Elizabeth Langstrom / ?]
Daughter of Bat-Thing. BAT
Sanderson []
Secret Service agent killed by Hyena. Possible homage to Peter Sanderson, comic book writer/researcher of distinction. CLW
Savage, Black Tom [Matt Savage / Black Tom]
Throwaway. HEX
Savage Shaw [Vandal Savage / Sebastian Shaw]
Former member of the Hellfire League of Injustice, killed by Fin Fang Flame. UNL
Scarecrow [Scarecrow / Scarecrow]
Former member of the Terrible Three, now a minion of Night Spectre. SPD
Scarlet Witch [Marvel]
Throwaway. JLX
Scavulture [Scavenger / Vulture]
Foe of Spider-Boy's. STU
Scruggs []
Gotham thug. Killed by Detective Bullock. BAT
Sea Devil Dinosaurs [Sea Devils / Devil Dinosaur]
Throwaway. EXP
Secret Crisis [Crisis on Infinite Earths / Secret Wars]
Universe-shaking event which apparently took place on Apokolips, during which Scott Free died. B&B
Sentinels [Manhunter Robots? / Sentinels]
Mutant-hunting creations of Will Magnus. No obvious Manhunter elements save color scheme. JLX MFM
Sergeant Rock [DC]
Former leader of the Howling Commandos, currently a high-ranking agent of SHIELD, and friend to Nick Fury. BRW
Serpent Crown [Marvel]
Contains clues to location of Atlantis. JLX
Shadow Guild [Obsidian elements / Thieves' Guild]
Throwaway. UNL
Shadowstar [Shadow Lass / Starhawk]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Shaggynaut [Shaggy Man / Juggernaut]
Throwaway. HEX
Shatterstarfire [Starfire / Shatterstar]
Princess Koriand'ru. Member of X-Patrol, heir to the sub-atomic throne of Tamojoran. Brought to the full-sized world by Spider-Boy. Her frequent interjection of "'Zal" is Starfire's "X'Hal" crossed with Shatterstar's "Za's Vid". Possibly the most awkward portmanteau (is "Shatterfire" so bad?) but sort of admirably silly. Possibly influenced by DCU's Princess Laethwen (Atom II's late lover) who was scantily-clad, sword-wielding, bright yellow, and six inches tall. EXP SPB XPT
Sheldon, Vicky [Vicki Vale / Phil Sheldon]
Professional news photographer. COF
Shera [Hera / Sharra?]
For Hera, see Greco-Roman myth. Given that Ms. Kesel also brought us the "Ashkani" joke, I'm willing to bet that "She-Ra" is involved in this particular amalgamation. EXP
SHIELD [Marvel]
Super-secret spy organization, headquartered in the Helicarrier. BRW CLW COF MOW SPB UNL
Siliconman [Plastic Man / Sandman]
Former member of the Terrible Three, now a minion of Night Spectre. SPD
Silver Racer [Black Racer / Silver Surfer]
The Asgodian avatar of death. COF STU THO
Silver Tornado [Red Tornado / Silver Surfer]
Throwaway. EXP
Sinestro [DC]
In AU, a member of the Starbrand Corps, killed by Uatu. SPD
Sinister Society [Society of Sin, Secret Society of Super-Villains / Sinister Six, Serpent Society, Sinister Syndicate]
Angst-ridden creations of Will Magnus. Members include Chemodam, Quasimodox, Soniklaw, Kultron, Vance Cosmic III, Deathborg, and Black Vulture. MFM
Sinistron [Brainiac?, Sinestro? / Mister Sinister, Ultron, Nimrod]
Mutant-hunting (and somewhat rebellious) creation of Will Magnus, self-described as "the ultimate synthetic entity". No obvious Sinestro elements save similarity in name, no obvious Brainiac elements but writer's assertion. M&M
Six-Gun Triplicate Kid [Triplicate Girl / Two-Gun Kid]
Throwaway. HEX
Skartaris [DC]
Ruled by Ka-zar. In DCU, ruled by the Warlord. SPB
Skinhunter [Scalphunter / Skin]
Member of Generation Hex. HEX
Skrull [Marvel]
Natives of Mars, driven from there by the Kree. Last survivor is Mister X. JLX
Skulk [Solomon Grundy / Hulk]
Bruce Banner, agent of Doctor Strangefate. LOB STF
Smith, Pow Wow Boom Boom [Pow-Wow Smith / Boom Boom]
Throwaway. HEX
Soder-Cola [DC]
Delightfully refreshing carbonated beverage. STU
Sonicorn [Sonar / Unicorn]
Throwaway. IRN
Soniklaw [Sonar? / Klaw]
Member of the Sinister Society. Harnesses the power of vibranium. MFM
Souls of Power [Valor (possibly Jor-El), Flash I, Iris / Mister Sinister, Super-Skrull, Leader, Mister Fantastic]
Note that these are all DCU and MU characters at first glance. "Only the most pure or most corrupt individuals possess such souls," says Speed Demon I, and that is consistent with the names above. In AU, collecting the Souls grants you "the keys to Heaven, Hell and Earth". Fought over by Night Spectre and Speed Demon I. SPD
Source [DC]
A font of power utilized by All-Highfather Odin. THO
Spanglite [? / ?]
Used for making lunar cages. See Doctor Bongface. LOB
Sparkler [Spark / Dazzler]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II. STU
Sparrow [Robin I or II / Jubilee]
Sidekick to Dark Claw. Jubilation Lee, per cards. Incorrectly referred to as Jubilee in lettercol. May have mutant "firecracker" power. ADV CLW
Sparticus [Persuader / Gladiator II]
Member of the Frightful Five. STU
Special Crimes Unit [DC]
New York task force for dealing with super-human threats. Members include Sam Makoa, Roxy Leech, "Brooklyn" Barnes, "Flash" Thompson. SPB STU
Speed Demon I [Flash I, Flash II, Etrigan / Ghost Rider I]
Mystical being involved in the battle over the Souls of Power, works out of a carnival in Gotham. Speaks in rhyme. SD1 is a combination of a normal human, Blaze Allen, and a demon, Etrigan. Etrigan was originally Jay Garrick, apparently a superhero. SPD
Speed Demon II [Flash III / Ghost Rider II]
A combination of Wally West (also referred to as "Master Allen"), Speed Demon I's nephew, and an unrevealed demon. Referred to as "Kid Demon" in ad copy and trading cards, but this is unsupported. SPD
Spider-Boy [Superboy / Spider-Man]
Member of Project Cadmus. Responsible for bringing Shatterstarfire from the microverse. The Spider-Boy "mythos" includes elements of both the Silver Age Superboy (young Superman) and the current Superboy (the tactile-telekinetic clone). Note the utter genius of having Spider-Boy take the last name of his adoptive father, General Ross, and the first name of his (probable) genetic source, Peter Parker, and getting "Pete Ross", one of Superman's (and Silver Age Superboy's) supporting cast. COF SPB STU XPT
Spider-Boy 2099 [M'Onel / Spider-Man 2099]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II. "Mig-El Gand" is a combination of Spider-Man 2099's name of Miguel, M'Onel's real name of Lar Gand, and Mon-El, the name of M'Onel's Silver Age incarnation. STU
Spiral Harley [Harley Quinn (animated Batman, not DCU) / Spiral]
Throwaway. ADV
Spitfire and the Blackhawks [Blackhawks / Spitfire and the Troubleshooters (New Universe)]
World War II-era hero team of Universe-Two. COF
Splinter Army [Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman / Spider-Man, Wolverine]
Some of the people Doctor Doomsday planned to bring cross-dimension to conquer AU. "...Twisted, splintered versions of our own heroes!" XPT
Star Charlie [Star Boy I / Charlie 27]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Star International [STAR Labs / Stark International]
Throwaway. M&M
Starbrand Corps [Green Lantern Corps / Starbrand (New Universe)]
Destroyed by the Guardians. Hal Jordan was the last member. Starbrand the MU character was originally part of the New Universe (published by Marvel but not MU) but he has since been dragged cross-universe to MU on at least one occasion. SPD
Stark Aircraft [Ferris Aircraft / Stark Industries]
Aerospace company run by Hal Stark. IRN
Stark Labs [STAR Labs / Stark International]
Run by Tony Stark. BRW
Stark, Tony [Marvel]
Friend to Bruce Wayne, possibly an agent of SHIELD. Runs Stark Labs. BRW
Steele, John Henry [DC (Steel II)]
Human identity of Iron. MFM
Steppenorn, the Wolf Queen [Steppenwolf / Norns]
Throwaway. THO
Steppenwolf Legions [Steppenwolf / ?]
Throwaway, also called the Steppenwolf Trolls. THO
See Female Furies. B&B
Storm, Doctor Johnny "Red" [Red / Human Torch]
Member of Project Cadmus and Challengers of the Fantastic. In love with Dream Crystal. Johnny Stormtrooper is his clone. COF SPB
Storm, Susan "Ace" [Ace / Invisible Woman]
Member of SHIELD and Challengers of the Fantastic. COF SPB
Stryfe and Despayre [Marvel (Stryfe and D'Spayre)]
Throwaway. EXP
Sub-Atomic Universe
See Tamojoran. SPB
Suicide Street [Suicide Slum / Yancy Street?]
Where Spider-Boy and Scavulture battled. COF STU
Summers, Nathaniel [Marvel]
Throwaway. Absent, possibly deceased mutant leader. M&M
Sun Lord [Sun Boy / Firelord]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Sunfirestorm [Firestorm / Sunfire]
Throwaway. UNL
Sunstorm [Firestorm / Sunfire]
Throwaway. JLX
Super-Soldier [Superman / Captain America]
Clark Kent. Formerly embodied the crystal shard of the Marvel Universe. 4-F reject from the Army who volunteered for an experiment to create a champion of liberty. Almost won the war single-handedly. "Frozen" along with Ultra-Metallo and only thawed recently. Member of JLA, former member of All-Star Winners Squadron. Incorrectly reported as member of JLX. Had a "falling out" with Wonder Woman. Note that the subtitle of his second book, "Man of War", comes from a minor DC war comic, Men of War. BRW JLX MOW STU SUS THO UNL
Surtur [both]
A Promethean Giant. See Germanic myth. THO


Talos IV [DC]
Home to the Credgerth. UNL
Tamojoran [Tamaran, Katarthans? / Mojoverse, Microverse]
Sub-atomic universe, homeland of Shatterstarfire. Katatharan elements arise from fact that Katarthans are scantily-clad, sword-wielding, bright yellow, and six inches tall, similar in certain ways to Tamojorans. EXP SPB XPT
Terra Cannon
See Planetsmasher. BRW
Terra-Matrix []
Tool of Galactiac's. COF
Terra-X [Terra / Terrax]
Traitor to X-Patrol, infected by the Brood, possibly Dare's daughter. ASN EXP
Terrible Three [Terrible Trio / Sinister Six]
Villain team made up of Green Goblin, Scarecrow, Siliconman. Currently dissolved. SPD
Thanoseid [Darkseid / Thanos]
Ruler of Apokolips, father of Orion. Most meaningless portmanteau. Since Thanos comes from the Greek for "death", maybe "Deathseid" would have been better? B&B JLX LOB THO XPT
Tharlock [Tharok / Deathlok]
Member of the Frightful Five. STU
Themyscira [DC]
Home to the Amazons, ruled by Queen Hippolyta. AMZ
Thompson, "Flash" [Marvel]
Member of New York Special Crimes Unit. Somewhat paranoid about Spider-Boy, due to his friendship with the late Peter Parker. No relation to the Flash of DCU or AU. I hope. SPB
Thorion the Hunter [Orion / Thor]
The resurrected one, the light that fears no darkness, Asgodian warrior without peer. Known as Orion before his rebirth. Adopted son of All-Highfather Odin, half-brother to L'ok D'saad. Recently transformed into Thorion the Celestial. See Germanic myth. THO
Thorion the Celestial [Orion, Promethean Giants? / Thor, Celestials]
Cosmic being formerly known as Thorion the Hunter. THO
Thunder Man [Know Man? / Thor?]
Throwaway. JLX
Thunderchick [Nighthawk / Siryn]
Throwaway, daughter of Thunderhawk and Madame Banshee. HEX
Thunderhawk [Nighthawk / ?]
Throwaway. HEX
THX 1138 []
A running gag. PASSIM
Timberwolf by Night [Timber Wolf / Werewolf by Night]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I. STU
Time Master [DC]
Unsupported, throwaway. STU
Time Square [Time Sphere / Time Cube]
Time machine used by the Legion of Galactic Guardians. STU
Torpedo [? / Cannonball]
Throwaway. Sam Guthrie, deceased, possibly related to Dial H.U.S.K. XPT
Tower of Strangefate [Arkham Asylum / Doctor Strange's Sanctum]
Home to Doctor Strangefate. See also Arkham Tower. STF
Trask, Marshal "Bat" [Bat Lash / Bolivar Trask]
Anti-malform law enforcer. HEX
Triserniak [Serifan / Triton, Karnak]
Member of the Un-People. COF THO
Turnip, Jonas [? / ?]
Brother to Daryl Rutabaga. Also called the Space Turnip. LOB
Twins Trigger [Trigger Twins, Cinnamon / Aurora & Northstar]
Members of Generation Hex. HEX
Two-Faced Goblin [Two-Face / Green Goblin]
Harvey Osborn, former member of the Terrible Three, scarred by Dark Claw. Also referred to as "Green Goblin", "Norman", and "Harvey Osborne". One of the Souls of Power. ADV SPD
Tyranoids [Marvel]
Throwaway, apparently from Latkovia. M&M


Uatu [Guardians / Uatu the Watcher]
With other Guardians, responsible for destroying the Starbrand Corps and framing Hal Jordan for it while temporarily insane. Apparently killed by Speed Demon I, but recovered and was cured by the Challengers of the Fantastic. COF SPD
Ubuwong [Ubu? / Wong?]
Ra's-A-Pocalypse's aide. ADV
Ultivac the Multi-Robot [Ultivac, Multi-Woman / Super-Skrull?]
Twisted creation of Multi-Masters. Member of the Challenger Haters of Evil. COF
Ultra-Metallo [Metallo, Ultra-Humanite / Ultron?, Sleeper Robots]
Nazi robot, energized by Green K, "frozen" along with Super-Soldier during WW2 and reactivated recently. Destroyed by Super-Soldier. MOW SUS
Un-People [Forever People / Inhumans]
Hero team led by Vykin the Black Bolt, members include Dream Crystal, Big Gorgon, Medusa Moonrider, and Triserinak. COF THO
Uni-Friend [Source / Uni-Mind]
It is described as similar to the Source, but I have no idea where "Friend" comes from. B&B
Universe Boy I & II [Ultra Boy I & III / Captain Universe]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I & II. STU
Universe-Two [Earth-2 / New Universe]
Alternate dimension, largely similar to AU. See Spitfire and the Blackhawks, Infinite Kickers, Inc. COF IRN
Urich, Jimmy [Jimmy Olsen / Ben Urich]
Reporter for WNGN and thorn in Big Question's backside. Note that there is also a Jimmy Olsen. ASN


Vale, Lance [Vicki Vale / Lance Bannon]
Human identity of Nickel. MFM
Valinus [Validus / Terminus]
Member of the Frightful Five. STU
Vampire Hunter
See John Jones. CLW
Van Dyne, Salu [Shrinking Violet I / Wasp]
See Lady Bug I. STU
Vance Cosmic I & II [Cosmic Boy I & III / Vance Astro]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I & II. STU
Vance Cosmic III [Cosmic Boy / Vance Astro]
Member of the Sinister Society. Harnesses the power of inertron. No apparent relation to VC1 and 2. MFM
Vengeance [Reverse-Flash / Stryfe?]
Eobard Thawne. Throwaway. UNL
Venom [DC]
See Nuke. The DCU drug, not the MU character. BRW
Vibranium [Marvel]
Metal with peculiar sonic qualities. Utilized by Soniklaw. MFM
Vigilante Kid [Vigilante / Rawhide Kid?]
Throwaway. EXP
Vikki Valkyrie [Vicki Vale? / Valkyrie]
Throwaway. LOB
Von Doom, Victor [Marvel]
See Doctor Doomsday. SPB
Vykin the Black Bolt [Vykin the Black / Black Bolt]
Leader of the Un-People. COF THO


Wakanda [Marvel]
Currently ruled by the Bronze Tiger, but claimed by Gorilla City. See also Adamantium. B&B COF
Walker, Debbi [Debbi / Patsy Walker]
Human identity of Antimony. "Debbi" was the star of a couple minor DC romance titles (thanks, KB!). MFM
War Monarch [Monarch / War Machine]
Unsupported. See Monarch. B&B
War Wheel [DC]
Nazi engine of destruction. MOW
Warlord Gh'ul [Ras Al Ghul / Warlord Krang?]
Throwaway. Foe of Dark Claw. JLX
Wavecruiser [various]
JLX's plane/sub. JLX UNL
Wayne, Bruce [Batman / Nick Fury]
Director of SHIELD, student of Nick Fury, nemesis of Green Skull. Parents killed by Hydra agents. Possible romantic involvement with Catsai. Definite romantic involvement with Huntress II. BRW COF MOW UNL
Weaponers of A.I.M. [Weaponers of Qward / AIM]
Throwaway. IRN
Web-Shooter [Marvel]
In MU, these are the wristbands Spider-Man wears. In AU, it is an actual "shooter", i.e., a gun. SPB STU
Web-Slinger [Marvel]
In MU, a nickname for Spider-Man. In AU, a catapult device that aids Spider-Boy in flying. He can apparently guide his trajectory and land okay, but can't launch himself. SPB
White Dwarf Prototype [DC]
See Doctor Palmer. In DCU, Atom II's powers came from white dwarf matter. SPB
White Whip [Whip / White Queen]
Member of Generation Hex. HEX
White Witch [Zatanna, White Witch? / Scarlet Witch]
Wanda Zatara, agent of Doctor Strangefate. No explicit DCU White Witch elements save name and color scheme. STF
White, J. Jonah [Perry White / J. Jonah Jameson]
Probably works for Gotham Bugle, occasionally hires Jimmy Urich. Note that there is also a J. Jonah Jameson. ASN
Whiz [Flash I / Whizzer I]
Member of the All-Star Winners Squadron. MOW
Wildman Percy [Wildman / Percy Pinkerton]
Member of the Howling Commandos. MOW
Winterstick [Wintergreen / Stick]
Dare's old mentor. Wintergreen is Deathstroke's butler in DCU, Stick is Elektra's teacher in MU. ASN
Wired [Manhunter / Cable]
Manhunter occasionally hired by Big Question. Killed by Dare and Catsai. He is formed from the current Manhunter in DCU, who is either the 3d or the 4th. Maybe the 5th. ASN
New Gotham TV station; Jimmy Urich works for their news team. ASN
Wonder-Gold [Booster Gold / Wonder Man]
Throwaway, probable member of JLA. UNL
Wonder Woman [Wonder Woman / Storm]
Princess Ororo of Themyscira, a mutant. Arch-rival is her adoptive sister, Diana. Had a "falling out" with Super-Soldier, but they seem to have patched things over. Occasionally referred to as "Amazon", presumably as a nickname, as the text of AMZ makes it clear her correct name is Wonder Woman. Temporary member of X-League I, current member of JLX. AA4 AMZ JLX SPB UNL
Wonder-Girl [Troia (Wonder Girl) / Wonder Man]
The uniform is Wonder Man's, but the starfield effect is from the Troia costume, which was the DCU Wonder Girl's second identity and third costume. See Dial H.U.S.K. XPT
Wraith [Obsidian / Gambit]
Todd LeBeau. Former member of JLX, currently in hiding with the Shadow Guild. In love with Runaway, mirroring Rogue-Gambit relationship. JLX UNL


X Building [Trylon & Perisphere, Titans' Tower / Xavier's School?, Avengers' HQ?]
X-Patrol's HQ. The "building-in-the-shape-of-a-letter" bit is from Titans' Tower (and possibly Avengers' HQ, which uses an "A" motif in its architecture), but the World's Fair origin is from the All-Star Squadron's HQ in the Trylon & Perisphere. XPT
X-Jet [various / Blackbird]
X-Patrol's plane. Occasionally destroyed. EXP XPT
X-Patrol [Doom Patrol / X-Force]
Mutant superteam formed by Niles Cable. Members include Elasti-Girl, Shatterstarfire, Dial H.U.S.K., Beastling, Jericho, and Ferro Man. All are due to die "glorious deaths". Terra-X is a former member and traitor. Note that the members of X-Patrol combine characters from the Teen Titans, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Doom Patrol, X-Force, X-Men, Generation X, and the Avengers, but the team as a whole most closely resembles the two cited above. EXP M&M XPT
X-Stroke, the Eliminator [Deathstroke, the Terminator / X-Cutioner]
Throwaway. EXP
X-tremists [Extremists / various "X" teams]
Throwaway, led by Lord Nimrod. Apparently connected to Firebird's origin. JLX
Xcel [XS / Meanstreak?]
Member of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II. STU


Yancy Legion [Legion of Super-Heroes, Newsboy Legion / Yancy Street Gang]
Apparently, time-displaced members of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 II, visiting the 20th Century to ensure their history comes into being. Also known as the Yancy Newsboy Street Gang. Members include Vance Cosmic II, Martinex 5 II, Psi-Girl II, Chameleon II, Myriad, and Spider-Boy 2099. (Technically, they are from a slightly different timeline than LoGG2.) STU
Yatz, Professor [DC]
In AU, responsible for Spider-Boy's Pete Ross disguise. In DCU, responsible for Creeper's transformational ability. SPB
Yggdrasill [both]
Throwaway. See Germanic myth. THO
Ymir [both]
A Promethean Giant. See Germanic myth. THO
Young Commandos [Boy Commandos / Young Allies]
Young team of WW2-era freedom fighters. SPB


See Shatterstarfire. XPT
Zenosha [Zandia / Genosha]
Home to Brother Brood. EXP
Zephyrus is a god, not a goddess, but he was chosen to be the Z in Mary Marvel's "Shazam" back in the Golden Age as there are no Greco-Roman goddesses whose names start with Z. See Greco-Roman myth. XPT
Zoomway [DC]
Transport mechanism for Project Cadmus. STU

Appendix 1: DC/Marvel: All Access #4

With the exception of Wonder Woman (Amazon), all characters that appeared here are pseudo-amalgamations created by Doctor Strangefate.

Cannonflash [Flash / Cannonball]
Proposed. Member of X-League I. AA4
Emerald Eye [Green Lantern / Cyclops]
Proposed. Member of X-League I. AA4
Green Phoenix [Martian Manhunter / Phoenix]
Proposed. J'ean J'onzz, member of X-League I. AA4
Icebreaker [Aquaman / Iceman]
Proposed. Member of X-League I. (In Unlimited Access #4 it is suggested (by MU's Iceman) that this amalgamation should be named "Iceberg", but I was reluctant to go with a name already taken.) AA4
Le Bat [Batman / Jubilee]
Proposed. Member of X-League I. AA4
Supermutant [Superman / Bishop]
Proposed. Member of X-League I. AA4
X-League I [JLA / X-Men]
Proposed. Pseudo-amalgamation created by Doctor Strangefate. Membership includes Wonder Woman (Amazon), Supermutant, Le Bat, Emerald Eye, Green Phoenix, Cannonflash, and Icebreaker. AA4

Appendix 2: Unlimited Access #4

All characters that appeared here (except for Dark Access himself) are pseudo-amalgamations created by Access or Dark Access.

Bat-X (Modern) [Batman / Cable?, mutant elements]
Throwaway. Mentor to Redwing, impersonated by Kantique. UA4
Bat-X (Silver Age) and Robin-X [Batman and Robin / Kirbyesque elements]
Proposed. Foes of Two-Face, inhabitants of a Bizarre World. UA4
Bizarre Worlds [various]
Transient universes created by the combined energies of Access and Dark Access. UA4
Black, Jean [Black Canary II / Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)]
Has the power of sonic-psionics. Member of X-League II. UA4
Blobba [Stompa / Blob]
Member of the Brotherhood of Evil Gods. UA4
Bottle Country of Latveria [Kandor / Latveria]
Artifact in a Bizarre World. UA4
Brotherhood of Evil Gods [New Gods / Brotherhood of Evil Mutants]
Pseudo-amalgamation created by Dark Access. Membership includes Blobba, Disastermind, Kantique, Red Lash, Sabrebak, Silverlance, and Virmin Vundavort. UA4
"King" Cain and "Smiling" Abel [Cain and Abel / Stan and Jack]
Probable. (Well, "possible". "Proposed", anyway.) Caretakers of the Houses of Monsters and Creatures in a Bizarre World. UA4
Captain America Jr. [Captain Marvel Jr. / Captain America]
Transforms from Freddy Rodgers by saying "Uncle Sam!" Has the Wisdom of Lincoln, the Strategy of Eisenhower, and the Trickery of Nixon. Member of X-League II. UA4
Dark Access [none]
Proposed. An evil, potential future version of Access under the sway of DCU's Darkseid. UA4
Disastermind [Desaad / Mastermind]
Can create illusions of your greatest fears. Member of the Brotherhood of Evil Gods. UA4
Double Helix - DNA Project [Project Cadmus / Deviants]
A secret project run by Two-Face in a Bizarre World. UA4
Fantastinite [Kryptonite / Fantastic Four elements]
Mysterious, transformative substance in a Bizarre World. UA4
Green Goliath [Green Lantern II / Goliath]
Member of X-League II. UA4
House of Creatures [House of Secrets / Marvel "creature" comics]
Mysterious structure in a Bizarre World, inhabited by Abel. UA4
House of Monsters [House of Mystery / Marvel "creature" comics]
Mysterious structure in a Bizarre World, inhabited by Cain. UA4
Kantique [Kanto / Mystique]
Shapeshifting member of the Brotherhood of Evil Gods. UA4
Living Erasers of Qward [Weaponeers of Qward / Living Eraser]
Throwaway. UA4
Living Totem Pole [none / Living Totem, Wyatt Wingfoot]
Inhabitant of a Bizarre World, transformed by Fantastinite. UA4
Nornonite [Kryptonite / Norns]
Throwaway substance that can "bring low" Thor-El. UA4
Quick Freeze [Impulse / Iceman]
Member of X-League II. UA4
Rao [DC]
Throwaway. In DCU, Kryptonian sun god. UA4
Red Lash [Lashina / Scarlet Witch]
Member of the Brotherhood of Evil Gods. UA4
Redwing, the Avenging Wonder [Robin, the Boy Wonder / the Avenging Angel]
Member of X-League II. UA4
Sabrebak [Kalibak / Sabretooth]
Member of the Brotherhood of Evil Gods. UA4
Silver Streak [Streaky / Silver Surfer]
Proposed. Feline, surfing inhabitant of a Bizarre World. UA4
Silverlance [Devilance, the Pursuer / Quicksilver]
Member of the Brotherhood of Evil Gods. UA4
Spider-Clones [Bizzaro / Spider-Man I or II]
Inhabitants of a Bizarre World. UA4
Super Four [Superman / Fantastic Four]
Proposed. Inhabitants of a Bizarre World. UA4
Super-Weirdies [DNAliens / Deviants]
Products of the Double Helix - DNA Project and inhabitants of a Bizarre World. UA4
Thor-El [Superman, Jor-El / Thor]
Member of X-League II. UA4
Two-Face [Two-Face / Arnim Zola]
Inhabitant of a Bizarre World, runs Double Helix - DNA Project. UA4
Valhalla Zone [Phantom Zone / Valhalla]
Throwaway. UA4
Virmin Vundavort [Virmin Vundabar / Toad]
Member of the Brotherhood of Evil Gods. UA4
Wonder Wasp [Wonder Girl II / Wasp]
Member of X-League II. UA4
X-League II [Justice League of America / X-Men, Avengers]
Pseudo-amalgamation created by Access. Membership includes Jean Black, Captain America Jr., Green Goliath, Quick Freeze, Redwing, Thor-El, and Wonder Wasp. UA4

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